Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tilt Away

Tilt started late last Night on Bodog's Hi/Lo Omaha tables when I had A278 Double suited where I flopped 9 Hi Straight and Nut Flush draw. Bet hard flop and had 3 callers Ten came on Turn and I was re-raised by Donkey that now had top 2 pair. Ten on River gave same Donkey an undeserved Monster pot with his KKT9. No low and just top pair I wonder how he even calls the flop.

2nd Tilt trigger was when my Ac Qc got beat by Qs 8d after a flop of Qh-4c-3c, I bet 1/3 pot after and was checkraised All in. Variance is a bitch but losing to two outers always pisses me off.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

1st Million Dollar Tourney on Stars

Won 2 tourney entries in $11 Double Shootouts so decided had to use 1 in real touney. 5699 entries today and I fortunately reached money. We were under 1000 left before I picked up my 1st pocket pair bigger than 66. Never had an AK and went out on one of 2 times I had AQ when an AT outdrew me. My inner Donkey was under wraps as I saw 9% of flops with my crappy cards.
Saving hand of touney was when I limped with KJ from button, caught 2 Ks on flop, last K came on river and SB who was on Flush draw that busted decided to bluff at Pot.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Blog

Decided it was no longer enough to merely read other blogs and take plunge into creating own which could allow entry in blogger poker tournaments.

Been playing far too much online at FullTilt, getting Rakeback through UltimatePals has put bright light on how many hands I have played this year. Due to one fortunate tournament I am up for year but still not sure if I can overcome my inner Donkey as well as the many Donkeys one finds online.