Monday, August 29, 2011

Finish Line Reached

With 2 days to spare we have removed last items from apartment and turned in keys. Saturday when I was over grabbing a few boxes (and making use of dumpster) there were 6 moving trucks in parking lot of ~200 unit complex. I think many of my former neighbors also believe "The Rent is too damn high"

It was a nice apartment and I would miss some of my neighbors but at this point there are only 3 neighbors left that we used to socialize with.

Unpacking is an adventure as this time we are going to open every box and make a decision to keep, donate, trash or shred then trash. I am also hanging pictures and a clock on wall as mindset is that we will be here a while (assuming I can remain employed)

Worst finds so far have been either a box that we moved from Petaluma 5 tears ago that only held documents that needed to be shredded, the ancient TIVO that does not understand digital TV or the HOV lane stickers for the Civic.

To be fair since the wife's main driving during HOV times was to deliver the demon child to school she was already car pool lane qualified without stickers or else I would have certainly looked a little harder for them. Now I think I want to find a massive SUV or Hummer to put them on since I don't see how it can be illegal to apply a sticker for a defunct program.

Worst non-finds are the power cable to XBox and phone.

If we get through remaining boxes and don't find phone this may be final tipping point to cancel land line to house. It is probably goner in 6 months anyway after we have made sure all the bills have change of address.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Night

Move yesterday went rather smoothly, 3 dudes and a truck for $90/hour for an insured company that was registered with state of California seemed better than $40/day for U-Hail plus mileage plus hiring a few people at Home Depot since I would not have to lift anything.

Had no idea that 2 of 3 dudes would be older and all would be light but I guess they were wiry strong. Wife did think they dragged job along loading but in their defense they did fill the 24' truck.

We will still have to go back and forth to apartment a few times to pick up quite a few items but it is not that far out of way for my work commute.

Furniture does fit in dining room and living room as long as I give up recliner but wife was kind enough to allow it in Master Bedroom. Kid has also surrendered her TV due to lack of cable outlet so I have my own man cave corner in bedroom.

Now just need the boxes to unpack themselves.

I did make some discoveries as part of moving process:

1) I have not looked at my High School yearbook in at least 15 years. I opened it up before packing it and quickly discovered I actually have my younger brothers yearbook from my senior year.

2) I had a small wedding (~25 peeps) but at no point did 3 of the people in attendance appear in the 100s of photos. My Uncle I can understand as he did not let other people use his cameras but Sean and Kelly never appearing disappointed me.

Sean and Kelly got married ~3 years before E and myself and their wedding was the first time I introduced E to my college friends. Kelly was also 1st person I told about expecting demon child as I wanted to wait until April 1 to tell my parents and any co-workers and when I called her to ask Sean about watching Final Four that weekend Kelly had told me that she was pregnant so perfectly natural response that March 31st was "Congrats, E is pregnant too". Kelly and Sean did congratulate me but Sean's last words to me that evening were "Congrats but if this is an April Fool's prank you're a dick". We spent a lot of time together the next 4 years as having daughters 2 weeks apart did nothing to complicate our friendship until I lost touch with them when my brood relocated from Maryland to California.

Unfortunately Kelly had a seizure due to an AVM 2 weeks ago while vacationing with her family, 2 days later she had angiogram to confirm treatment and prepare for Surgery on Saturday but AVM hemorrhaged and took her life.

I feel for Sean's daughters as the Demon Child's words from 3 years ago are still deeply embedded. As she hugged her Mom three years ago she said "you scared me, I thought you were going to leave me with just him".

RIP Kelly

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Time Line

July 3 - We receive letter from apartment manager informing us of terms for new lease we will face Sept 1.

July 4-7 - Many discussions with the wife. Lots of tension as I am simply unwilling to pay as much as they are asking to rent.

July 8 - Wife leaves town for a trip that was already planned but it gives us some cooling off time at a fortunate time. It is also 1st night that she is gone that it dawns on me that I could buy condo such as this, pay 3% down. Principle + Interest + PMI + HOA would be less than current rent. Additionally recovery point for down payment vs. 1012 rent was 19 months

July 9 - Wife is out of town so demon child and I go to look for new apartment. We look at The Domicilio which at the time was asking $250/month less than rent increase we were facing. Pluses were it was nice enough that wife would not whine. Negatives were that there were a lot of college students in place since it is adjacent to Santa Clara University. We also look at an apartment near demon's high school, wife will hate but kid could safely walk to high school.
I also present kid with idea of buying to get her buy in I take her here. Logistics are difficult but they had 1 home that was ready to move in so thought could time.

July 11 - Kid takes wife to see apartments we looked at as well as new homes. Wife is not offended by new home nor 1 apartment. But Domicilio is now asking $75 more/month.

July 12 - After explaining thinking about condo and how it makes more sense to buy than continue renting, wife gets enthused about looking for a house. Because she doesn't fucking listen she looks in Los Gatos.

July 16 - I meet with real estate agent (along with wife and demon who met him on 14th) , he is going to take us to see numerous houses in Los Gatos but we include one house in Santa Clara I am insistent upon and 2nd house in Santa Clara he finds. All houses in Los Gatos have multiple aspects demon hates, at least one aspect my wife hates, I am trying to be open minded but don't want to commute from Los Gatos. We see house in Santa Cara I wanted to see, wife likes. We see other Santa Clara house, it is comical how blatant it is that it is flip. Cheap paint, lowe's stickers still on windows, "loft added which is converted attic and stairs are as steep as pull down attic stairs. We decide to get reports on 1st Santa Clara house. Demon cheers. Wife may not listen to me but listens to Demon child downright giddy about not wanting to change schools.

July 19 - Offer made

July 22 - Counter accepted

Late July normal gathering of paperwork hassle to get loan approval, plus selling all stocks to make sure I have enough cash freed up for down payment.

Aug 5 - Papers signed, checks written, wire transfers completed.

Aug 8 - seller signs upon return from biz trip.

Aug 11 - keys.