Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goal 52 Pace

This post started out to have a completely different theme. As of yesterday Morning I had lost 7 pounds this year but more significantly (to me) 40 pounds off my peak weight.

This is the 6th time I have lost 40 pounds while on a health kick but the 1st 3 times my starting weight was less than current weight. Being engineer I am trying to determine if I am really on pace to lose another 45 pounds by year end. When I started this quest in September my calorie burn on a day I walked was ~3700.

This week a walk home day looked like this:

Where Monday which only involves 1 mile walks to trolley stops looked like:

I was going to have to figure out a decaying calorie burn function and figure out if I was really on pace to lose 52 pounds because although I am ahead of 1 pound/week I can only assume my burn rate is also going to slowly drop another 300 calories/day at end.

Instead I will just complain about asshole who made me accelerate quickly and leap as he was not paying attention to pedestrians and missed by just a little bit but my calf has been in a knot since.

Yesterday I figured out I could walk but my gait was similar to chica in 4 inch heels that broke left heel, today I am down to 2 inch heels gait so I have hopes that some form of walking returns next week.

Edit: One of my co-workers visited to check on my injury. Bottom of calf is starting to turn purple. Since co-worker did Iron Man triathlon in 2003 with a broken clavicle I feel like a complete wimp.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bet Status unknown

In light of waffle's gloating:

sirfwalgman: i had suits and shit
sirfwalgman: i fucking rejammed him too
sirfwalgman: fucking idiots
sirfwalgman: OMFG
sirfwalgman: AAQ8
sirfwalgman: DS
sirfwalgman: vs 45T8
sirfwalgman: and fucking ahole calls 51$ pre
sirfwalgman: and fucking flops 558
sirfwalgman: and now I am almost broke
sirfwalgman: wtf
i mean are you fucking kidding me?
sirfwalgman: 30 bucks behind
sirfwalgman: and he fucking does that shit and Full tilt pays him off
sirfwalgman: fucking riddiculous
Bayne: $51
Bayne: are you playing cash?
sirfwalgman: ya
sirfwalgman: 51$ pre
sirfwalgman: and fucking 30 behind
Bayne: I am thinking you have lost ground
sirfwalgman: and he is calling with that shit?
i realllllyyyyy hate these people
sirfwalgman: KKK
sirfwalgman: and I lose
sirfwalgman: to a J89 rivered gutter straight
sirfwalgman: J8T6
sirfwalgman: 79K board
sirfwalgman: I have KKA6
sirfwalgman: 2 outer J river
Bayne: J8T6 v KK on K97 flop is a flip
Bayne: if he has flush draw he is fav
sirfwalgman: not 8T6
sirfwalgman: and no flush
just an OESD
Bayne: " J8T6
sirfwalgman: 79K board
sirfwalgman: I have KKA6"
sirfwalgman: FU
Bayne: it is what you typed
sirfwalgman: FU

I think he starts his quest fresh when he get's ad money later this week.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Long Frkn Week

12 days off then jumping cold turkey into 5 day work week has been brutal. Managers here are really pressing for us all to things debugged since we are "rested and refreshed".

Some of these same managers forgot to submit paperwork renewing contractors or extending co-ops so half the people I work with have no access to the internal network and it takes 2 days for paperwork to process and another 2 days for passwords to reset.

I also have to adjust to a whole new fresh group of co-ops helping out it the lab and somehow we ended up with group with similar names. So far I usually call one of them "Nautica" because that was shirt he was wearing 1st day, he seems resilient so far and rest of co-ops have decided this will be his nickname for time being.

Poker front has been a scuffle as I work to clear Iron Man bonus, I am +/- $10 of break even once I factor in rakeback and have ~$100 in uncredited bonus earned. Key as always is not to tilt off before bonus is cleared. No clearing bets as the points tard has retired from online poker.

Weight loss front I went from just prior to Thanksgiving to today at -10.4 pounds. Since wife was cooking christmas cookies a bit feels like a huge win. Nurse at doctor's office thought so too but she was concerned about my pulse, apparently there will always be some issue.