Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Main Event Day 2

After completing Day 1 with a respectable 26,200 chips, decided to be a little more aggresive in position. Stole a few blinds the 1st hour, but then in the span of 3 hands lost my chips with 2 overpairs after flop.

1st was just 99 but after 763 flop was pretty sure BB had A rag that paired the rag when he led out with 3k bet. Called but then 3rd player in hand raised to 9k and BB went all-in. Folded when I decided one of them had set. Was wrong guy to my left had flopped top 2 and this laydown kept me in tourney.

2 hands later my QQ was taken out by SB. Flop of J42 and turn of 3 took me to rail when I ran into flopped set of jacks. Maybe next year my reads will be better.

Line of tourney was listening to Ron Jeremy being interviewed, to paraphrase gist of his comment was that "I just don't want to be embarrassed by my play"