Sunday, April 23, 2006

Main Event Dead Money

Through some amazing rivers (77 beating KK), (AJ taking out AK on rivered straight) and pocket 9s hitting sets 4 times including 1 river I have punched my ticket to the MainEvent.

With a little bad luck of not picking up a hand early I could make 1st break. This wll be a monster test of my giving off tells and being able to lay down good hands but not great hands. Alternatively I may let my inner Donkey run wild because this is just a freeroll to me.

Good Luck to all who attend Main Event.

Monday, April 03, 2006

$200K Ka-Ching

My Bankroll has been taking a beating lately. Read Change100 blog on being on cold streak at ring games which gave me inspiration to focus my remaining meager bankroll on MTTs.

Took $8 to enter satellite for April 2 FullTilt $200k guarantee. Was fortunate enough to:

  1. Win a seat
  2. Have Network Connectivity Problems early when I was dealt JJ and not even get to call pre-flop when someone else had KK and flop was 8 high.
  3. Money.

With 25 left sitting 20th I was unfortunate enough to have AA cracked by 88 which cost me 100k main pot and would have jumped me up to 6th. Made a couple of mistakes in play because I was in 3rd when we made money.