Monday, August 30, 2010


I started Monday pretty excited.

Got to watch the news and hear that Paris Hilton got busted for possession of cocaine because while dude driving was stopped she reached into purse and accidentally spilled vial of cocaine into plain sight of officer. All because she needed lip balm. Question I have is: "If it wasn't your purse Paris then why the fuck were you reaching for lip balm?"

I got to go to my 1st Business Unit meeting as an employee, it is sort of nice to see why they are pushing so many projects through engineering at once from a how they feel it fits in network vision.

Wife was kind enough to call frantically right at the tail end of the meeting, I intentionally did not cancel health insurance policy yet as I wanted to make sure I had the Anthem/Blue Cross proof of coverage before I backdated cancelled Kaiser and moved on the the employer coverage provided by Cisco. One lesson learned from working for a Canadian company is they don't know shit about US Health Insurance differences, and apparently think bills can be paid with apologies when they forget to pay vacation or reimburse for individual health insurance.

My 1st fantasy football draft is about to start, I woke up this morning in a 10 team league and now I have the 12th pick.

Hoy claims to run bad but he'd be hard pressed to top that!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Ball Poker

I recently noticed that I have not had to use my FullTilt points on tourney entries to replenish bankroll and had creeped up to quantity to get ipod (Nano 8G).

I also observed a few time periods of double points for rush poker as well as 'late night' double points 8-10 Pacific.

After careful consideration I think I prefer 8G ipod Touch at 45k points over 16G ipod Nano at 41k points.

Since Friday night I have gotten in 5k hands of rush PLO, cranked out 6k points once you factor in bonus and probably rarned $150 in rake back. Now I have to figure out a few things.
1) Am I better off buying ipod from local Crapple store with rakeback cash?
2) How many value bets am I missing on river to have the disparity I have in showdown winnings vs. pots w/o showdon?
3) Is real problem calling too much pre-flop or after turn ith speculative hands?

Other financial matter to figure out is Cisco's 401k provider allows me to set different contribution percentage for bonus vs. salary.

Would I rather set % same for both or set salary % to 5% to collect matching 4.5% and bonus contribution to 35-70% to hit yearly ceiling as they seem to provide information on what bonus gross will be a month before payout?

Friday, August 20, 2010

1st Week Draws to close

I am happier at my new job than this guy.

My thinking when I left Petaluma in 2006 was that:
1) I was going to work as an engineer until I retired.
2) When I gave up on start-ups I would work at Cisco or Google.

With start of 1st college football season without Bobby Bowden on sidelines I am reminded that I think it was Bear, JoePa or Bowden that said there is only one milestone left in life after retirement.

I sort of feel I am down to two milestones left.

Monday, August 09, 2010

"Jimmy you are such an asshole"

I had a 10:00 wake up call but woke up at 6:30 this morning. Dude sharing room next door with Jimmy was not pleased that he could not get into room because Jimmy had thrown the brass lock.
10 minutes of escalating frustration door banging and profanity. I looked through peephole first and saw he had 2 girls in official Vegas uniform (little black dress) and at that point was not sure if Jimmy was passed out or seen the friend whose personality could not have been good enough to compensate. I am getting old and decided rather than confront to just call the front desk to get someone sent up to help these clowns.

Sunday night I played 'Rapid Craps' at Bill's Gambling Saloon.
14 chairs playing online craps except the dice and roll are traditional.
Casino advantage is that only took one guy to run a craps table has he has stick to pass dice and enters roll into his screen and he takes chips to enter starting amount and pays you out in chips at end. New craps players can figure out betting on their own time.
Player advantage is no clowns get their hands in to interfere with dice and it was $3 table where $3.60 place on 6/8 paid $4.20 but flow was neither rapid nor generated excitement.

Overall trip was awesome as Paul was rolling 4s and 9s at a way more than expected pace and I managed to cash big time as he went on a 6 4s in 7 rolls tear at Hard Rock when I also managed to start with $25 on 4.

Never did see or hear Jimmy he might not be the asshole.