Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's not you it's me

I am 'changing' jobs but not cubes.

I have no idea if design services firm end game plan was me consulting at Cisco when they hired me. But I have now set a new record for shortest job tenure at 11 months. Since 3.5 months were mile down the street and last 7 months were in Cisco building I don't think it will reflect badly on resume. I just got returned to my old working environment and did well enough that Cisco and I decided to split up the money that used to go through two middlemen.

Old CEO is taking it quite personally that I am leaving but I am guessing people don't change jobs as easily in Ottawa as happens in Bay Area. My favorite line from meeting where he made counter offer was "If you had asked for money I would have given you raise", this is same CEO that called me at 5:30 am on an April Saturday morning and asked "Are you busy? Dave isn't here yet to take me to airport". I was still groggy so did not really have time to generate good response before I was interrupted due to Dave's arrival wherever CEO was.

I discussed counter offer with wife enough to get help with explaining situation to CEO. Her first suggestion was "we can still be friends", I countered with "It's not you it's me". She had already approved my letter of resignation as being good for not burning bridges, my direct boss Dave took it rather well, especially considering he takes a commission hit when I leave as well. But he knows the health insurance jerk around we have been dealing with the last 4 months has pissed me off and there was always a risk putting me back in work environment that I had been comfortable in for 20 years.

I now have 4 job departures in under 18 months on the resume, only other time I left a job voluntarily I was there 13 years. My average is really looking bad, but I think this latest stint is easily explainable and want to keep this job a while.

I do head to Las Vegas Thursday with some old co-workers but I am left wondering HTF did we end up going during a Star Trek convention. Would not have known except my cousin lamented not going on her facebook status.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Spewsday

Tonight is the inaugural Tuesday Spewday tournament hosted by LJ.

Tournament #174055893 07.27.10 21:00 ET - 3000 chips
Tournament #174065188 07.27.10 21:15 ET - Super Turbo KO

password is spewday

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden City Live Poker

$3/$6 Limit can have only 2 possible outcomes:

1) Slowly bleeding money as house takes $5 rake out of any pot with flop.
2) Hemorrhaging money in few hands as one of 6 people calling pre-flop capped action rivers his non-Ace high, non paint high flush.

It was amusingly bad but you have to hit hands early and get up before rake chews you up. My peak was ahead $75 after my turned boat held up against rivered flush that 2 people chased.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ethics in investing

Having read BP was hopeful that cap being placed earlier today would be able to contain oil and it being options expiration week I decided to make a small "investment" that they would be successful and stock would pop this week.

Strike price being $38 and cost being 68 cents it seemed like they will jump to $40 if cap is success and at 33% break even prop.

Real question is when will Congress pass UISEC if this shit is legal and online poker is not?

My bankroll management rules are much stricter than my poker so this is a sub 1% play but will make news more interesting this week.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Math is Stupid"

  • sirfwalgman: math is stupid
  • sirfwalgman: "I have two children, one is a boy who prefers the colour Red. What is the probability I have two boys".

    As we know, without the modifier, the probability is 1/3*

  • sirfwalgman: it's 50/50 that your other kid is a boy period right?
  • sirfwalgman: and whats the difference between BG and GB
  • Me: it is 5050 that you have 1 boy if 1 child
  • Me: it is also 50/50 2nd child is boy
  • Me: it is the classic Let's Make a deal Monty Hall problem
  • sirfwalgman: not according to moronic statistics people
  • Me: dude
  • sirfwalgman: I am currently idle.
  • sirfwalgman: ya
  • Me: you fail to understanbd either problem
  • sirfwalgman: aparently
  • Me: if you have 2 children it is 25 % you will have 2 girls, 25% you will have 2 boys
  • Me: and 50% you have one of each
  • Me: do we agree?
  • sirfwalgman: i said that
  • Me: If child is already born than you have case where questioner intentionally picked boy
  • Me: so there are 3 cases available
  • Me: and 2 of the cases other child is girl
  • Me: but probability of future child being boy is 50/50
  • Me: because questioner has no control

  • I spend a little too much of my time each day trying to explain probabilities to waffles.

Probability from work yesterday:
Project manager came back from his vacation yesterday.
Odds of him applying pressure on slowest part of project when he returned is obviously 100%
(Similar odds of me missing VeryJosie and Mookie also 100%)

One of task was to help newest member of project team get the 10 people who have to approve a board being ready for build to sign off.

I was assigned 4 names randomly, 2 other people got 3 names.

Half of the 10 people had already approved.

What were the odds my 4 randomly assigned people had already approved?
Waffles don't even waste your time answering.

Monday, July 05, 2010

4th Of July

Would Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest have been worth watching if police had tased Kabayashi?

4 day weekend was awesome as wife and kid let me nap like a madman. Feel so recharged.