Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can follow the graph and know I left house to catch trolley at 8, trolley ride lasted around 6 minutes then a short walk to office arriving at 9. I can also see when I left cube to go to lab or next building for lunch and what time I walked home for my bigger exercise burst at end of day.

What I can't tell is precise time I tilted Josie, what I am sure of is waffles gets no bar food so he is drinking on an empty stomach.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Observations

Waffles would win a bet with Josie (don't know if it is just drinks or more is involved) if Giants win tonight. I would have previously thought that I should bet everything I have on Cowboys tonight, but I am still trying to wrap my head around how did we not have the Vikings win last night setting up the tie scenario which was biggest loss scenario in waffle's world.

Grats to LJ for another big score.

On poker front I played enough PLO cash two tabling to collect $25 bonus the last 10 days but did not play much more than required.

My newly diagnosed diabetes has shifted my focus away from poker.

Fortunately the apartment has a decent gym for me to do back, chest and arms exercise as I am trying to lift each day to get my muscles to remove more glucose from my bloodstream. Each weekend I have been going to my local 24 Hour Fitness to work my legs. I overdid it a bit as going upstairs is painful and traveling downstairs is brutal.

Family had a nice dinner at the Chakos last night. It was enjoyable watching game with a Favre fan and a Packer fan and also good test to see if I could adhere to my new carbohydrate restrictions.

I am not sure how well Las Vegas will work if I can't consume Sam Adams (18g/12 oz), Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra just don't appeal to me. At least bourbon has no carbs so I may be able to adjust but in all likelihood if I seem passed out at WPBT someone should get me an apple juice or an orange juice.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congrats to Populous

Populous is the architectural firm that designed the New Yankee Stadium. They did a magnificent job in designing for a speedy exit as the fair weather fans leave each ALCS game bitterly disappointed.


Poker Play is still very light but could not pass up Full Tilts Take 2 promotion. 5 points/day multi-tabling (2 counts) takes no time even at .1/.25 seems trivial. Crossed the $5 threshold now need 4 more days for the next $20.

Work is consuming a lot of time, apparently at new job getting "ping" through the system is huge. It does mean data path is working so we are 1 step close to bringing poker, facebook and porn to the masses at higher bandwidth.

106 left, 90 paid, I think calling button jam from small blind with TT is correct move.

I would promise to post results of hand tomorrow after everyone has a chance to comment.

But after 30 minutes I still had not connected so went to bed.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bruins Victory

Demon Child's Homecoming was tonight. The "mighty" Santa Clara Bruins and Monte Vista Matadors put on a delay of offensive ineptitude for 3 quarters that was painful to watch. The only time either team moved the ball was the Matadors completed a long pass when one WR had ball bounce off his hands but another Matador wide receiver caught the ball ~3 yards away. I don't recall saying many plays designed that put 2 WR that close together 30 yards downfield.

Trailing 3-0 Santa Clara put together a decent touch down drive and on their next possession drove down to 1st and down at 6. After gaining 2 yards on 3 plays coach decided to go for it on 4th down with 4 minutes left. Can't imagine what thinking was the kicker had put extra point dead center early in 4th.

Monte Vista had a nice 90 yard drive but stalled in final minutes preventing a crushed demon child and preserving a Santa Clara victory.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Prioities

I recently read that Lightning is going to get healthier.

If an old man like lightbulb can start exercising I can too, especially since I get more temperate weather.

Now I just need wife to not sabotage by being all whiny when I won't give her a ride to doctor's office for blood test because I want to walk to trolley stop. I did offer to walk with her to office before work as it is only about quarter mile from my usual trolley stop at 2nd stop.

If she really wanted to take car she should have gotten made a 2nd attempt to pass written driving test.

Poker play should drop off as I sacrifice it to exercise, but I am getting tired of having gut shot draws shove on flop and get there against me anyways.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

My High School Reunion

Between Dad working at IBM and then changing jobs every few years I went to 3 elementary Schools, 2 Jr High Schools and 2 High Schools, lived in North Carolina, Maryland, Florida and Massachusetts during that span.

Westford Academy Class of 1980 is holding it's 30th Reunion this weekend.

I only spent 2.5 years there and spent 1st 5 months adjusting to the cold as moving from Orlando in Dec 1977 to enjoy some of the biggest snowfalls Massachusetts had seen in February 1978 did not prompt me to go outside. Eventually I did start playing Hockey on local pond but I had no skates (nor ability to skate) which limited me to playing goalie. My only other activities were the Chess Team and the 'Math Team' so I only really met a few people because I was still bummed to have moved away from another set of friends.

Late in my Sophmore year Mom told me that they would not be able to afford to send me to college. I started to work there the beginning of summer and through most of Jr. year, worked at a gas station 4-11 Friday, 8-8 Saturday and 8 until closing Sunday in an effort to save money on my own for college. I did get to know a few more people but not many and I was always too nasty to go directly out on Saturday and was really too tired after getting cleaned up at home.

Sr year I decided to try to get ROTC scholarship so went on Scarsdale diet (dropping 40 lbs) which I had gained since leaving Florida. I decided to apply to Georgia Tech (because Uncle Jerry went there and application was free), I was accepted couple of weeks after I mailed application so I only ended up applying to a few other schools as Georgia Tech out of state was cheaper than U Mass in state. January of Sr year Dad changed jobs and was working in Virginia and coming to Mass ~every 2 weeks. Knowing I would soon be moving away again and going to school even further away I wasn't anti-social but was pretty sure I would not be seeing most of my classmates any time soon.

It is really strange to me that I am as saddened as I am that I am not going to reunion. When I reflect back on it there were maybe 20 people in my graduating class and another 10 from other years that I spent any time with. I have a bad habit of starting a new job a few months before milestone reunions so I have little vacation time and board I designed is not quite functioning well enough for me to take the days off required to fly cross country.

There are a few people I would like to see again and a few that I honestly know more from Facebook than my time in Westford that I would like to see.

I am wasting another opportunity to connect with people who have something in common.

Hopefully I'll make the next one.