Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congrats to Populous

Populous is the architectural firm that designed the New Yankee Stadium. They did a magnificent job in designing for a speedy exit as the fair weather fans leave each ALCS game bitterly disappointed.


Poker Play is still very light but could not pass up Full Tilts Take 2 promotion. 5 points/day multi-tabling (2 counts) takes no time even at .1/.25 seems trivial. Crossed the $5 threshold now need 4 more days for the next $20.

Work is consuming a lot of time, apparently at new job getting "ping" through the system is huge. It does mean data path is working so we are 1 step close to bringing poker, facebook and porn to the masses at higher bandwidth.

106 left, 90 paid, I think calling button jam from small blind with TT is correct move.

I would promise to post results of hand tomorrow after everyone has a chance to comment.

But after 30 minutes I still had not connected so went to bed.

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Shrike said...

I am cheering for a Giants-Rangers WS. I always like seeing the Yankees lose.