Friday, October 28, 2011

World Series Thoughts

1.) If I am the Cardinals fan that already collected $125k on them winning NL and has $250 ticket on them winning the World Series I am betting $50k on the Rangers with the Money line and $75k on the Rangers getting 1 1/2 runs and hoping for a 1 run Cards victory.

2) That was quite a stomach punch game for Rangers last night, my expectation is Cardinals will carry the momentum into game tonight and pull off win especially in light of Hamilton being injured and Cruz limping in 11th.

3) Kudos to respect Cards fans showed to Pujols batting in what could have been his last at bat ever as a Cardinal (3 times) I could not help but think as they booed the intentional walk in his last at bat could there be a more fitting way for him to finish as a Cardinal?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Red Sox Implosion

Heard Nomar quote this morning:
"If we want to go down the list... now we're hearing about Terry Francona, before Terry ... it was Johnny Damon, before him you had Derek Lowe, you had Pedro Martinez, you had Manny Ramirez, you had myself, then you had Mo Vaughn, then you had Roger Clemens, then you had Jim Rice, Carl Yastrzemski, and oh, by the way, one Ted Williams. So the list is pretty good, pretty prestigious, but it seems to happen. So there's a pattern. Is it all these guys that are bad or is there something more here."

Not sure if it was Rome or Cowherd that said in response, ~"People in New England are short and angry when young, eventually some get taller".

I was 16 when I started rooting for Red Sox as I had not lived near a Major League team prior to moving to Westford. I am quite disgusted by the treatment Francona has received in press. Only a matter of time before Theo gets trashed in press as well. I thought both would drink free forever.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Gone Fishin

Best bit from TNT's around the NBA during the playoffs is Kenny Smith's 'Gone Fishin' pictures.

As a Red Sox fan I love when I watch A-Rod standing at the plate after a strikeout to end Yankee's season as the other team mobs the pitcher even if it has become a bit of a cliche. I am sure MiamiDon (now private and I am not invited WTF) and Steve are much happier than Hoy about the NLCS matchup but I did feel for Ryan Howard for the brutal way his season ended (maybe top 5 worst season end in baseball history).

I have also been waiting all weekend to see the Josie v. Waffles picks, certainly seems like Waffles has the better handle on the game weighting and suspect the wager is Josie will have to pick up waffle's laundry and return it all clean, pressed and neatly hing and folded.

Years ago a co-worker (Andrew) and I made a bet about project progress with our project manager about a milestone. I forgot what our punishment was if we lost but she made mistake of telling us what was at stake for us before we had figured out our side. We did not know what to ask for in stakes but Andrew's wife determined that if we won Bo had to dress up in 50s garb and serve us tea/coffee and get our lunch one day at work.

Hopefully waffles came up with something more evil and made sure there is no gag order.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Soon we will have a working kitchen

The one aspect about the house that I knew I would someday replace was the oven. I believe it was original equipment when house was built in 1984.

Two burners were problematic but would sometimes heat but 1st time we used oven it failed.
On the positive side the Realtor and mortgage broker (who were probably very pleased to collect fees on a speedy purchase/close) got us a warranty on the appliances. Repair guy came out and determined it could be fixed with a few parts that had not been generally available this century so recommended replacement.

I was assuming we would try to work a deal to get some cash amount for a replacement and then let wife pick out upgrade she wanted. For 3 weeks now I have gotten to deal with wife being bat shit pissed while she dealt with insurance company and planned meals around a grill, toaster, microwave and waffle iron as cooking options.

Big win for us when the repair guy rejected the oven they chose because original had downdraft venting and he has to install to code. Cost of creating venting outweighed cost of oven upgrade.

They have come in and removed the old oven:

It is a little weird when you realize how close to the microwave you have stepped when pulling stuff out. Unfortunately hauling away the old oven is not included but I will get a hand truck and haul away when Santa CLara has their dispose of electronics day.

The final fight was my wife wanted radiant elements (right side in below picture) rather than coils. Insurance company was pain in the ass about this as well even with my wife offering to pay the cost difference. Jenn-Air is already planning to discontinue the coils so appliance store that insurance was using convinced insurance company that radiant elements were in stock and coils would need to be shipped.

They finally agreed we get the radiant elements once they receive a cashiers check for the cost difference. They were insistent about money order or cashiers check

Wife was heading to the bank this morning for $8 cashiers check.