Saturday, April 23, 2011

More bored than pissed

It's Saturday Night.

Wife is already asleep, daughter has headphones on.

Shark's game is over.

Turbo Fiddy is underway and I can't play.

Bay 101 does not deal PLO.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bay 101 here I come

Was already having a bad day at work, had to go tell boss about a mistake on his project. I did not make the mistake that hoses schedule quite a bit but dude who made error is on Leave of Absence so I get to clean it up.

Email lit up with the DOJ news about end of online.

On positive I had mostly cashed out to go to Las Vegas last week.

On the bad side I have been on a heater since Tuesday.

I also took 2nd in an On-Demand Rush tourney for $399 and had double cash in 10:20 super turbo KO.

Only positive I can take from end of hobby is Waffles won't get to $10k so bet is mine biatch.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vegas Weekend Report

Tried to text Falstaff based on 2007 WPBT spread sheet. Got "dude you got wrong number" text.

Drank no beer to limit my carbohydrate intake. Jack and Diet Coke hits harder though.

Jack by the shot hits even harder (Recess idea, the shots at least).

Craps was burning money until MITCHELL starting hitting tens like it owed him money, rough estimate is 10 total including 4 in a row at end at Planet Hollywood.

Recess and I headed to IP to meet up with Don and others for dinner (hope Saturday was correct day), we settled in on a craps table with a few good shooters who were overly inked but don't think much were prison tattoos to wait. We had another good run at table. We switched to tequila after discovering my diamond status with Caesars allows Patron upgrade. But we may have neglected to tell Don et al to look for us at a craps table.

We gave up at 8:30 and headed to dinner needing to soak up some alcohol.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Recess Birthday Weekend

Need a break from work before my new board comes in next week.

Wife and Demon are headed to SoCal to meet up with sister-in-law and 2 nieces.

Seems like a perfect weekend for Las Vegas.

Now if I could only figure out how to run like Jo C for the weekend and cardrack my way to a huge weekend