Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Investment thought

Came close in Big Game last night but failed to close deal. On positive side 3rd place in Big Game almost ensures I will have +EV BBT3. Negative is I failed to use my bigger stack effectively at final table and spewed some chips. Congrats to BigMike for effectively switching gears from complete donkey early in BigGame to more solid (and getting paid) play in latter stages.

The question that is troubling me is why would someone back a break even poker player and agree to 65% return? I would have to believe expectation is that you would lose 35% on the backing deal.

MATH is tonight at 7:00 pm Pacific
Password: Hammer

I am sure more hilarity will follow Waffles continuing quest to disappoint backer.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday $4k PLO fun

My daughter's picture on display was a watercolor and oil painting of a flower, I thought it was quite good but knew she had some artistic talent because when she was in 3rd grade she drew a picture of her favorite stuffed animal that blew me away with how well she captured the look of stuffed poodle. Funniest aspect of the day was the confidence she showed as she examined all the other drawings and expressed her opinion on each work and explained nuances of what was done on the pieces that impressed her. Since neither wife nor I are artistic I may need a paternity test:)

I went out early in $4k PLO. On my exit hand flop was Qc5d4c, iHACKEDtheCARDS had raised pre and potted the flop, dariffer raised pot. I had 6 55 2c so felt obligated to call.

iHACKEDtheCARDS folded, dariffer had JcTc77 and turn was Ac river did not pair board and I was done. The table was still open as I added note to dariffer to indicate FCD when I observed the following chat:

iHACKEDtheCARDS: terrible
dariffer: hmmmm
dariffer: y?
dariffer: is 11 outs with overlay bad?
dariffer: or r u just an idiot
dariffer: who doesnt know anything?
dariffer: o wow
dariffer: u r really good man
dariffer: 1 cash life time
dariffer: wow ur in a really good position to talk #%@@
dariffer: loses more than everyone at the table
Dealer: iHACKEDtheCARDS has 15 seconds left to act
dariffer: i amk looking at your stats right now
dariffer: how miuch u down life time?
dariffer: really
dariffer: cause im looking at them right now
iHACKEDtheCARDS: those stats are ALWAYS wrong
dariffer: played 257
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i've never had a single tourney i've won show up
dariffer: ya
David_Hodge: lol
dariffer: cause u never win man
dariffer: u have won a couple seats in satellites
dariffer: but u have never done anything with them
iHACKEDtheCARDS: see...that's all that shows
dariffer: im looking right now
dariffer: thats y im clowingin u
iHACKEDtheCARDS: its fn young
iHACKEDtheCARDS: wrong
dariffer: no im looking at whole tracking
dariffer: no sir
dariffer: its is not wrong
bayne_s (Observer): let him jam 3rd flush
iHACKEDtheCARDS: then how many tourneys have i won?
dariffer: u r kjust in self denial
dariffer: 5 1st
Dealer: Ultimatezwor has 15 seconds left to act
iHACKEDtheCARDS: how many stud? how many omaha..holdem?
dariffer: all in sats
iHACKEDtheCARDS: tell me
dariffer: 0/11 in PL holdem
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i rarely play satellites
dariffer: 1/15 in omaha hi
iHACKEDtheCARDS: rarely
iHACKEDtheCARDS: just played one today
dariffer: 0/6 in omaha hi lo
iHACKEDtheCARDS: and i mostly play cash games
dariffer: ya i c
dariffer: u playued a 44 and won a 216 seat
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i've only played 6 h/l
dariffer: 3/23 in stud
dariffer: man tell me when im lying
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i've won h/l tourneys bigger than this
dariffer: this is hi though
dariffer: so mayb u just dumb?
iHACKEDtheCARDS: rely on your info
Dealer: David_Hodge has 15 seconds left to act
iHACKEDtheCARDS: no really? this is high?
iHACKEDtheCARDS: moron
Dealer: iHACKEDtheCARDS has 15 seconds left to act
BluntToker33: i wouldnt be trying to clwon someone when your ROI is -22
iHACKEDtheCARDS: anyone else here know the sites are BS?
iHACKEDtheCARDS: please chime in and shut him up
dariffer: sharkscope me ?
David_Hodge: i just look at chip stacks
Dealer: dariffer has 15 seconds left to act
BluntToker33: OPR u
BluntToker33: !
dariffer: opr me ps riffrafff
iHACKEDtheCARDS: they are
dariffer: opr me
BluntToker33: i did
dariffer: riffrafff on ps
dariffer: ON PS
BluntToker33: -27% ROI lifetime
dariffer: not ps sir, top 200 this year buddy
BluntToker33: we are playing on fulltilt
dariffer: so wat
iHACKEDtheCARDS: good for you...
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i'm impressed
Dealer: dariffer has 15 seconds left to act
BluntToker33: there are a bagillion riffraffs
BluntToker33: ORLY ur a liar
dariffer: haha blunt
dariffer: 1 bigf cash
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i play this game full time for a living donkey
dariffer: thinks hes a boss
dariffer: no u dont
dariffer: NO U DONT
Dealer: iHACKEDtheCARDS has 15 seconds left to act
dariffer: and if u do
iHACKEDtheCARDS: oh...i dont?
BluntToker33: 1 cash = more than u have cashed lifetime on fulltilt
dariffer: yes sir
dariffer: u r right
dariffer: check my ps
dariffer: better than ur ftp
BluntToker33: whats ur stars name
BluntToker33: riffraff brings up 10 different people
iHACKEDtheCARDS: you know what....those sites are not accurate...
Dealer: dariffer wins the pot (350)
Dealer: Hand #5834897905
iHACKEDtheCARDS: you guys need to realize that
dariffer: riffrafff
dariffer: 3 f's
dariffer: on the end
Dealer: iHACKEDtheCARDS has 15 seconds left to act
BluntToker33: imio they are
iHACKEDtheCARDS: need to underestimate your'll
go far
dariffer: u already said that hack
Dealer: BluntToker33 has 15 seconds left to act
iHACKEDtheCARDS: you keep arguing about stats
iHACKEDtheCARDS: they are wrong
BluntToker33: hmm nice 1 buddy
Dealer: David_Hodge wins the pot (850)
Dealer: Hand #5834909073
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i can go to look at my own wins even right now and they are
not there on full tilts site
iHACKEDtheCARDS: fun fun
Dealer: AcesUpTheAss shows a flush, King high
Dealer: AcesUpTheAss wins the pot (500) with a flush, King high
Dealer: Hand #5834931883
dariffer: lol
dariffer: hey ihacked
dariffer: wanna sit in a cash game
dariffer: and we will c who has more money
dariffer: bring your hole roll
dariffer: ?
iHACKEDtheCARDS: what stakes
iHACKEDtheCARDS: people like you are so full of s
dariffer: o sry
iHACKEDtheCARDS: grinders like me just play all day
dariffer: was signing into AIM
dariffer: ok
dariffer: 10/20nl?
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i only play 2/4 omaha
iHACKEDtheCARDS: i'm not a high roller...
dariffer: called
dariffer: nationz
iHACKEDtheCARDS: make 300-350 a day
dariffer: ya no one is there
dariffer: i dont wanna play

This went on for ~20 minutes, dariffer had $924 in his roll when he sat at the $10/$20 table to show off his roll. My own take on the hand is that my own play was suspect since I had 2nd set but my read was I was against flush draw so was 73%, the gut shot was my insurance policy if wrong. Dariffer is drawing to 3rd flush and can't really count 2nd pair hitting set as "outs". Of course on flop board pairing giving flush can't count as outs but the FCD does not see beyond own hand.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is Waffles multi-Accounting?

jimmyc676 (Observer): # @!! off

Last night in $4k PLO I had a bad AAJ6 1 suit so I limped, in BB Jimmy had KK64 1 suit and min raised after SB completed. Jimmy only had 1700 behind so I reraised to 700, SB folded and Jimmy jammed. KK64 doesn't play that well post flop. Odds aren't quite as bad as hold'em but if you get your money in at 31% and lose why are you pissed off?

Got crippled late in $4k when a flopped oesd called off 6k of 7k chips on flop and turned straight and my set failed to boat up.went out later when I jammed KK into BB AQJ2 and he caught AQsA board.

I either bluffed PirateLawyer early or caught him bluffing in RiverChasers early, then I got moved to the Canadian table briefly with Kat and Astin but then I was moved to a blackjack table. If they had 20 they were jamming.

QJo reraised jammed my 77 and I was getting 2:1 so I called, river Q.
KQo jammed, TT called, Q on river.
QJo jammed , AA called J on flop Q on river.
I finally picked up a 20 and lost when PirateLawyer's QQ held against my JJ.
Apparently I failed to recognize the BlackJack hand's that were winning had Queens.

I will probably miss Saturday's with DrPauly, Saturday 1:20 pacific on Stars, password:taopoker and the 20k Guaantee PLO on FullTilt.

One of daughter's drawings was selected (amongst many other members of art class) for display in local musuem. As of 7 pm my ban on attending has been lifted.
A list of rules has been imposed:
1) Address her by name only, NO NICKNAMES.
2) She will select clothes I am to wear.
3) If the boy that makes her stomache "queasy" approaches her I am not to speak, stare or any other act to embarrass.
4) No stories (especially from when she was younger)
By tommorrow I am sure more rules will be imposed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Donked it up in Dookie

My 679T flopped top 2 in Dookie, but KK caught up when board paired other card.

I shoved on worst poker player in world with A rag and chopped with better Ace in Mookie, I fought back from short stack early when KK lost to AT but my AQ missed 11 river outs to not overcome AA.

Finished 4th in $4k, but failed to win prop bet with lucko. I knew he had won before but was a little cheeky taunting him in chat when there were 2 tables left (I did have bigger stack) only to see his AA go down in flames to T973 1 suit. What kind of pot odds does T973 really need?

My Omaroach ways failed me, usually I can pick up one more pot to inflict damage but kept getting really spread out non-paired cards.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Congrats to xxxx

Syndrome, xGod_Of_Warx, Mondogarage and tiltaway still had chips when my ability to connect to FullTilt Poker ended for evening. Congrats to whoever won!

During my outage I had no problems playing on PokerStars or chatting but I am confident the problem did not reside with FullTilt, according to their support it never does.

Mookie is KO at 7 Pacific. I am already registered so I am sure I will at a minimum be blinding out.

Ran KK into tripJax AA on Q high flop in Bodog blogger tourney, that never used to happen.

I did have one funny hand to share in cash (pre Internet problems that only impacted FullTilt)

Full Tilt Poker Game #5782401175: Table Chartered - $0.25/$0.50 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 20:37:09 ET - 2008/03/25
Seat 1: TourTrialsTop10 ($53.30)
Seat 2: bayne_s ($50.45)
Seat 3: Peterpihl ($40.10)
Seat 4: DaSwiftness ($61.90)
Seat 5: Checkfold11 ($40.10)
Seat 6: Deshada ($48.95)
Seat 7: Puffraan ($89.60)
Seat 8: joejoeletsgo ($43.85)
Seat 9: PKRPORO ($72.25)
Puffraan posts the small blind of $0.25
joejoeletsgo posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [Qc 2d Qs Th]
TourTrialsTop10 has 15 seconds left to act
TourTrialsTop10 folds
bayne_s calls $0.50
Peterpihl folds
DaSwiftness calls $0.50
Checkfold11 raises to $2.75
Deshada folds
Deshada stands up
Puffraan calls $2.50
joejoeletsgo folds
bayne_s calls $2.25
tardonk adds $50
tardonk is feeling confused
DaSwiftness calls $2.25
*** FLOP *** [Jh 7d 9h]
Puffraan checks
bayne_s checks
DaSwiftness checks
Checkfold11 checks
*** TURN *** [Jh 7d 9h] [Qd]
Puffraan has 15 seconds left to act
Puffraan checks
bayne_s checks
DaSwiftness checks
Checkfold11 has 15 seconds left to act
Checkfold11 checks
*** RIVER *** [Jh 7d 9h Qd] [7h]
Puffraan checks
bayne_s bets $7
DaSwiftness folds
Checkfold11 raises to $32.50 ($4.85 behind)
Puffraan folds
bayne_s raises to $47.70, and is all in
Checkfold11 folds ($4.85 behind)
Uncalled bet of $15.20 returned to bayne_s
bayne_s mucks
bayne_s wins the pot ($73.50)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $76.50 Rake $3
Board: [Jh 7d 9h Qd 7h]
Seat 1: TourTrialsTop10 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: bayne_s collected ($73.50), mucked
Seat 3: Peterpihl didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: DaSwiftness folded on the River
Seat 5: Checkfold11 folded on the River
Seat 6: Deshada (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: Puffraan (small blind) folded on the River
Seat 8: joejoeletsgo (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: PKRPORO didn't bet (folded)

Checkfold11: damnit lol the old wrong button trick
Checkfold11: enjoy it

I hate when I click "bet pot" then raise in a single misclick too.

Bodog Bonus Tonight

On Tuesday March 25th 2008, Bodog Poker Pro Josh Arieh will compete in the Bodog Blogger Tournament Series. A $100 bounty will be on Josh Arieh's head and the poker blogger who takes Josh's last chips in this tournament will receive a $100 credit to their Bodog Member Player Account. If Josh wins this tournament, he will receive the $100 credit. Bounty = 10x buyin.

Josh better get some chips early!

What a weak 300th post.

Sawx are 1-0.

Manny is in preseason form misjudging HomeRuns and not running from batter's box.

AJ63 ds was gold for some donkey in $4k PLO last tonight to take me out. Holding AAKJ 1s you never really expect J33 with flush draw to be bad flop when you have reraised pre and committed 60% of stack

Sunday, March 23, 2008

LJ notched me

I railed LJ as she was on her way to a sweet cash for finishing 2nd in $32k as I was at final table of a tournament of my own.

I was only able to finish 3rd. But after weekend PLO futility a change of game and pace was called for.

I have no frcking idea how I did this. I was short in chips early, was all in pre-flop with some marginal hands during 2nd hour and was close to a bottom stack and folding deeper from 27 players left on. 3 handed I was dealt trips (in hand) 4 of 6 hands to really get short.
MATH is Monday at 7 Pacific.

Sunday Shilling

Battle of the Bloggers

I was victim to horrible setup in $20k when my AAJJ ds reraise was called by AKQT (4 spades) willing to commit 1/3 stack pre. J64 flop that left him no pairs did give him flush draw which he of course hit. Instead of top 3 stack with 80 to go I was 76 of 80 and hung around little bit before exit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Worst PLO8 play ever?

Full Tilt Poker Game #5718076866: $3,000 Guarantee (42819424), Table 12 - 15/30 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 23:19:28 ET - 2008/03/20
Seat 1: geebeeone (3,225)
Seat 2: swimmer36 (2,955), is sitting out
Seat 3: sylvesterbgp (2,970), is sitting out
Seat 4: fleegirl (3,105)
Seat 5: merickso5168 (2,970)
Seat 6: bayne_s (3,000)
Seat 7: Cardsharps_net (2,970)
Seat 8: masterminh79 (3,000), is sitting out
Seat 9: nobhil (2,805)
sylvesterbgp has returned
sylvesterbgp posts the small blind of 15
fleegirl posts the big blind of 30
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [2s 6s 5s Ah]
merickso5168 folds
bayne_s calls 30
Cardsharps_net folds
masterminh79 folds
nobhil calls 30
geebeeone has 15 seconds left to act
geebeeone raises to 165
swimmer36 folds
sylvesterbgp folds
fleegirl folds
bayne_s calls 135
nobhil calls 135
*** FLOP *** [8c 4c 3d]
bayne_s checks
nobhil checks
geebeeone bets 540
bayne_s raises to 2,160
nobhil folds
geebeeone raises to 3,060, and is all in
bayne_s calls 675, and is all in
geebeeone shows [Jh Qd Ks Ac]
bayne_s shows [2s 6s 5s Ah]

I am not a good enough writer to adequately capture my feelings when I saw hands.
No flush draw???
Are you seriously committing that many chips for half the pot drawing to a pair?

Uncalled bet of 225 returned to geebeeone
*** TURN *** [8c 4c 3d] [2c]
*** RIVER *** [8c 4c 3d 2c] [Th]
geebeeone shows Ace King high, for high
bayne_s shows a straight, Six high, for high andbayne_s shows 5,4,3,2,A, for low
bayne_s wins the high pot (3,105) with a straight, Six high
bayne_s wins the low pot (3,105) with 5,4,3,2,A
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 6,210 Rake 0
Board: [8c 4c 3d 2c Th]
Seat 1: geebeeone showed [Jh Qd Ks Ac] and lost with HI: Ace King high
Seat 2: swimmer36 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: sylvesterbgp (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: fleegirl (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: merickso5168 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: bayne_s showed [2s 6s 5s Ah] and won (6,210) with HI: a straight, Six high; LO: 5,4,3,2,A
Seat 7: Cardsharps_net didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: masterminh79 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: nobhil folded on the Flop

At this point I can no longer believe that waffles is the worst poker player.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poker Blahs

Cashed in 50-50 at 153rd (154 paid).

I raised from button with AKo, SB min-raised. Flop came K hi, with 2 cards of my Aces suit. SB checked and I ignored every poker instinct I have and bet all in ( a little over pot) and lost to the AA I expected to see. I was a top 50 stack at time.

Had no traction in the Mookie, somehow got moved from SB to UTG+2 when table broke. UTG+1 I shoved 77 into QQ and AA and failed to suckout.

Left Dookie when I flopped bottom 2 + gutshot, decided Lucko had top pair but couldn't have two pair unless he playyed a dangler. I guess AKQ9 is not really a dangler so bad decision me. I had been running well until I hjammed a flop with double gutter and bottom pair and your Dookie champion called off all his chips with middle pair (5s) and overs but no real re-draw.

Jumped to big lead in push-fest when I scored 9k 1st hand and waited for table rebalance. Kat had a nice run to come back and win.

Flopped a straight in DS PLO, unfortunately the AA that had raised pre-flop caught his one flush draw and no flush draw folds in PLO and they seem to hit for aggressors 86.7% of time.

End of Poker Content

About once every 6 years I nail a stock pick. In 1996 I was working for TTC (a test equipment company that sold to phone companies so porn and poker could be delivered reliably). Digital Lightwave was a new company that had product that competed with a product that I was doing design on new options, what I designed was circuits that did pattern recognition. Vice President asked me to spend afternoon looking at Digital Lightwave as a potential stock play and determine if they really had more sales. After studying financials for previous 3 quarters I noticed, sales were increasing, finished goods were increasing but cash seemed to have decreased by the amount it would cost to build product sales claimed but nothing went into accounts receivable. My conclusion was they were claiming sales but moving units to inventory .

My VP thought theory was correct as did Western Region Sales VP. At Fall Sales Meeting CEO John was questioning Sales VP John about sales lost to Digital Ligtwave. Sales VP insisted sales were not being lost and called his broker and shorted 10,000 shares of DIGL. This opened my eyes to being able to make money on a stocks downward move, did not have the money to short a stock but learned of puts an bought 5 contracts.

On Jan 23, 1997 Digital Lightwave announced the need to restate earnings for the previous 2 quarters and would delay that quarters announcement and stock dipped from $23 to $2.

Day of announcement the winter sales meeting was in Denver. Sales VP John showed up already drunk on mimosas but had Champagne for all. There were no repercussions.

2001 was a simpler case, I not only chose right start-up company to go to but Market was tanking in early 2001 and my option agreement prohibited me from selling short or buying puts in acquiring companies stock. Fortunately I had noticed previously that Junipers stock and Ciena's stock seemed to move in lock step so I bought Juniper puts to hedge my Ciena stock (gained through startup).

This week I managed to invest money in the biggest gainer in the stock market on the biggest gaining day in the market in 4 years. I violated 2 bankroll rules (no fawking discipline anywhere) by risking 20% of account in a single company, and bought options week of expiration.

I liked money made but now poker seems boring.

If I could do this once a month rather than once every few years I could leave working for the schlubs.

But realistically if I had not read Amy I would not have looked at Lehman's chart, another chat pointed out that earnings announcement was happening pre-market. I don't get out of bed unless later research revealed earnings announcement date. The 2 hours I normally sleep in gave me most of my profits.

One of these days I will create a data collection program that can automatically look for trends that I believe offer good trade opportunities.

I have to believe there will still be money making opportunities from the housing market getting out of hand, just need to get ahead of curve and figure out the Level 2 and 3 impacts.

A Roadmap for life.

Saw this on the internets today and had to share.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Recap

Exited Bodog, something against flopped set, think I was drawing dead.

Won a hand in skillz. my door cards were 5533, AA called 7th street, I had boat but wtf.

I lost in skillz don't remember how.

Wife chose to watch "Mad Money with Jim Cramer" rather than American Idol. wtf

Bottle and half Merlot drank before skillz exit. Plus 1 glass of excellent 20 year old tawny port.

Played $23k KO got 2 KOs ran into set against my top 2p to go out.

Family also figured out they met Shannon Elisabeth at Aussie Millions when watching DWTS. Apparently they never saw her as Nadia.

Mookie is Wednesday.

Skilled Bodogery tonight

Weekly Tournament Prizes
Buy-in: $10 + $1.
Prize Pool will be distributed as per Bodog's standard multi-table payout table. In addition, the top 5 players for each week also wins T$109 to be used to buy-in to the $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament held every Sunday at 4:00 PM ET. The top 5 bubble players each week win a free buy-in to next week's Weekly Tournament. (T$11 will be credited to these players' Bodog account within 24 hours after the completion of the each tournament)

Full Tilt
6:30 PM Pacific
Getting HOSEd
but at least the brick to the nuts Razz element is removed.

A conversation from last night:
Me: "I want to wake up early in morning to see how Lehman (LEH) did in it's financial report."
Wife: "Leave half the cash alone"
Conversation 1 this morning:
Daughter: "What are you doing up? You are never up this early"
Me: "Trying to earn your aloowance"
Daughter: "Why are you watching CNN, I like watching cartoons during breakfast"
Conversation 2 this morning (after resuming sleep and waking up at normal time)
Wife: "Did you invest this morning"
Me: "Yes I bought Lehman shares at $36.80 and March $40 calls at $1.20"
Wife: "Lehmans at $42 how much did we make?"
Me: "Answered $xxxxx"
Wife: "Why didn't you put more money into it?
Me: stunned silence
Me: "I adhered to your limits"

My sell order for 1/2 the calls executed at $5/contract at 10:45 Pacific so I am freerolling for 2 days already on a doubleup on the calls.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Got to trust your read

Recess and I had this chat Friday:

2:19 PM me: 57 to 30
so much money to be made
Alan: yeah, that's right. I heard it was like almost half
any particular reason?
me: someone bought 55k $30 puts yesterday
2:20 PM They announced they had short term liquidity issues and JPM and Fed shored them up
2:21 PM Alan: jeez
man, that woulda been huge
2:23 PM me: bear stearns will undoubtably swing again next week

Being on West Coast and having time to analyze at lunch was costly. Markets were already closed. But might have been able to get puts in after hours trading.

If you go to and plug in San Jose, CA you will see there are 4400 houses on the market and the green balloons signify on the market for 1 week or less.

Got to believe there is more money to be made in puts than poker the next few months. But I will play the MATH tonight and attempt to make a little.

PLO Saturday saw me take 4th in $2.5k Guarantee, 4th in Saturday's with DrPauly and 67th in the $20k.

$20k I was taken out when QT22 ( 3 diamonds) called my shove pre and rivered a 2s over 6s boat. I was playing 4 card bingo myself with 5789 ds against 2 AA but had flopped a straight.

I did rudely bust the host Saturday, I limped KT88 ds and called Pauly's pot bet pre. Heads up the QJ small flop gave me OESD, gut straight flush draw and 3rd flush draw. I had put Pauly on Aces so I know I only have 6 straight outs and should discount flush draw outs. As big stack I occaisonally show a wafflesque regard for keeping chips early so made a bad gamble and caught turn A which sealed Pauly's fate along with river brick.

Sunday I played a disgusting 6 SuperTurbos to the FullTilt Million Guarantee opting for the $118 + $5 2 seat version. Lost 1st 3, won next 3 and took the $T rather than playing.
867 $T net does not seem that bad for 45 minutes of carefull pre-flop decision making.

My one strategy tip for SuperTurbo noobs. If you draw BB 1st hand it is okay to fold any hand that LJ would not open raise 6 Max from button. You are just committed as SB.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dodging Draws

I raised all in on flop, when my mighty pair of 2s held I vaulted into 1st place of 0045 DS PLO.
Sadly I ended up with bottom cash at 4th when my flopped set, and gutter did not run down the flopped straight.
BBT play seems to have become play drawing hands, flop a draw, jam. See who the river gods favor. Tonight in RiverChasers EvilWonka's flush draw was out of favor, oossuuu's oesd was smiled upon.
Going to miss Kat's Donkarama tonight, could use the therapy, but a new Cajun restaraunt opened on Santana Row, w00t night out. May still make it home for 0045 on Friday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I run so bad

Evil Wonka gave me a lot of chips when his AK lost to my AA, then he got a lot more chips back when his QQ went two flush runners to beat my QQ on a J hi flop.

In dookie UnTiltable15 (who I have seen on the cash PLO tables quite frequently) decided he was bored and raised the stellar K537 pre and called a jam.

bayne_s shows [Js Ks Ac Ah]
UnTiltable15 shows [Kh 5h 3d 7c]
Uncalled bet of 165 returned to bayne_s
*** FLOP ***
[8s Jd 5d]
*** TURN ***
[8s Jd 5d] [8d]
*** RIVER ***
[8s Jd 5d 8d] [5s]

This river kept him alive and he potted every bet for the next 30 minutes probably eliminating 70% of Dookie field.

I went out 3rd when his [Jd 5h 3h Td] all in pre caught
*** FLOP ***
[Ah 2h 4c]
at least I won a last longer with Drizz too.

Two non-poker related piece of advice:
If your wife (or girlfriend) asks you what a prostitute could do that's worth $4300?
"Leave afterward" is a bad answer.

Don't piss off Keith Olbermann

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bodog Skillz

How many chips does PokahDave have? Am I looking at this wrong?
I made it to money in Bodog but went out 8th when all in pre JT lost to AK in spite of nice J98 flop. I shut down the table as Smokkee always does a better job reporting results.
PLO Skillz had some cutting edge of hand selection theory on display. Unfortunately by the time I realized that J533 no suits was a raising hand I went even more card dead. I then made mistake I had determined was deadly, don't represent a hand against bloggers. Not only that I made the play against the worst poker player in world, who as long as he is not all in and has at least 4 outs thinks he's made an outstanding play. My bottom 2p with double gutter did not improve. Good PLO players might fold top and bottom pair on for fear of BB or one of 2 players remaining to act having flopped a straight. He used my chips well to bust out soon after my exit. Congrats to Smokkee on the win.
I did win a couple of last longer bets with lucko for the Blogger PLO and $4k PLO. His skillz exit got his his money in behind but as favorite (only to learn a blogger couldn't fold an overpair for all his chips), missed his $4k exit. Luckily he can afford it after finishing 5th in the $32k Guarantee. On playing styles alone I have to figure I am a 3:1 favorite in a last longer.
Mookie is at 7:00 Pacific with more PLO fun with bloggers available in the Dookie at 8:30 Pacific.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Self Reflection

I am graph #1 from Tragedy's post last week.

SNG's like this one can improve the graph a little.
At start of Heads up play chip counts were:
Seat 2: bayne_s (3,386)
Seat 7: MrBix (10,114)

12 hands later if I led out on flop, turn or river and we went to showdown I took down pot (with 2 showdowns showing I was ahead) and 3 folds this hand came up. I had also taken a brief chip lead.
Full Tilt Poker Game #5580863063: $55 + $5 Sit & Go (Turbo) (42460895), Table 1 - 400/800 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 16:09:09 ET - 2008/03/10
Seat 2: bayne_s (6,172)
Seat 7: MrBix (7,328)
MrBix posts the small blind of 400
bayne_s posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [4d 3h 2c 5s]
MrBix calls 400
bayne_s raises to 2,400
MrBix calls 1,600
*** FLOP *** [Qc 2h Jd]
bayne_s bets 3,772, and is all in

After showing strength pre-flop I am committed to acting strong and trying to take this down
MrBix has 15 seconds left to act
MrBix has been disconnected
MrBix has 41 seconds to reconnect
MrBix is sitting out
MrBix has timed out
MrBix folds
Uncalled bet of 3,772 returned to bayne_s
bayne_s mucks
bayne_s wins the pot (4,800)
The blinds are now 500/1,000
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4,800 Rake 0
Board: [Qc 2h Jd]
Seat 2: bayne_s (big blind) collected (4,800), mucked
Seat 7: MrBix (small blind) folded on the Flop

Next two MrBix BB hands were played slowly to try to allow MrBix to connect but since I already ran over the end of lunchtime I gave up on return and started raising.

Above is the current graph but when I used sharkscop I found a couple of other graph's that intrgued me:

I found it fascinating that the $1 and $2 SNGs have the worst ROI % and that the tokens and $30+ were my most profitable.

Since I am +EV in my HU SNG with LJ I have to dig deeper into how I can be so bad at $2.

I am certainly -EV when trying to get a HU match with LJ and end up against some random donkey, I also have a habit of playing $2 SNGs when tilted and I am just flinging chips like monkey poo.

I think a lot of the problem I have in SNGs is the mindset required for the tokens is a lot different than the mindset required for the $11 and $22 turbos. Jump from bubble to 3rd pays the same as jump from 2nd to 1st so it is more important (IMO) to play to win rather than cash. Because payout for 2 1sts is equal to 5 3rds. I cannot with great certainty claim I have the correct level of aggression every time I play a SNG.

The quantity of the $50 SNGs is still too low to low to say they are long term profitable nor can I really tell if the $30-$33 are profitable.

Went out of MATH earlier than I would have liked, I went completely card dead about same time Lucko moved to my table. Lost a flip to shorty when he called my AJ with Q9, then restole a couple of times from Lucko to keep some chips but eventually jammed best hand I'd seen in what seemed like hour when Q9 lost to twoblackaces AJ.

At least I lasted longer than Waffles. It's tough since his reads are so awesome.

Skills (PLO) and Bodog Blogger is tonight.

March Madness

I meant to play a satellite into this tournament but somehow just forgot.

MATH is tonight at 7:00 Pacific

That was all of my poker content for the day.

Being a graduate of an ACC school this time of year used to be dedicated to college basketball. The worst part of my move from Maryland to California is maybe 2 of my coworkers even pay the slightest bit of attention to college hoops. Tip off for most games is at 4:00 and I do not get the Raycom Jefferson Pilot broadcasts of all the games. It certainly does not help that Georgia Tech just closed their ACC regular season in Massachusetts playing Boston College. Seriously wtf is that, beating Boston College is nice but they will always be a Big East school to me and playing the other 8 teams home and away was perfect.

This 4 day ACC tournament is also wrong. I could accept the Thursday play in game for the 8-9 schools but know from having attended ACC tournament twice and 1st round of NCAA tournament a few times is the larger human body is not meant to sit in arena seats for 4 games on back to back days. I would need a chiropractor on call between 2 game sessions.

All these thoughts came about from watching the Duke-UNC game Saturday night. I hate both teams and their obnoxious arrogant fan bases. I think the lengths the Duke students go to distract opposing free throw shots are just ridiculous but expectation is that even if the NCAA decided some were a technical fould rating offense the same cheating officials that make sure a jump shooting team like Duke goes to the free throw line more than a low post scoring opponent would never T up the Duke crowd.

But I do miss the passion for basketball I saw Saturday night.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

PLO Saturday part deux

I played Saturday's with DrPauly again, went out early, don't know what did me in.

Played 1615 $2.5k KO PLO on tilt and lasted one hand, I flopped top set 4 people went all in on flop and flush draw hit.

Final Table bubble lasted for about 25 minutes when we got to state pictured:
1500/3000 blinds with smallest stack at 50k I expected some tightening up.

Then this happened:

Full Tilt Poker Game #5555431198: $20,000 Guarantee (41352462), Table 20 - 800/1600 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 17:48:18 ET - 2008/03/08
Seat 2: Lopov (8,812)
Seat 3: l_enchanteur (66,350)
Seat 4: bayne_s (28,074)
Seat 6: Stuart Paterson (46,891)
Seat 7: donaldunluck (52,820)
Seat 8: GB2005 (122,174)
donaldunluck posts the small blind of 800
GB2005 posts the big blind of 1,600
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [Qh 2c 8c 3c]
Lopov folds
l_enchanteur calls 1,600
bayne_s folds
Stuart Paterson calls 1,600
donaldunluck calls 800
GB2005 raises to 8,000
l_enchanteur calls 6,400
Stuart Paterson calls 6,400
donaldunluck folds
*** FLOP *** [Qc 9d 7d]
GB2005 bets 25,600
l_enchanteur has 15 seconds left to act
l_enchanteur raises to 58,350, and is all in
Stuart Paterson folds
GB2005 calls 32,750
l_enchanteur shows [Kh Kd 6c 5c]
GB2005 shows [Tc Ah Ac Kc]
*** TURN *** [Qc 9d 7d] [9c]
*** RIVER *** [Qc 9d 7d 9c] [Qd]
l_enchanteur shows two pair, Kings and Queens
GB2005 shows two pair, Aces and Queens
GB2005 wins the pot (142,300) with two pair, Aces and Queens
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 142,300 Rake 0
Board: [Qc 9d 7d 9c Qd]
Seat 2: Lopov didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: l_enchanteur showed [Kh Kd 6c 5c] and lost with two pair, Kings and Queens
Seat 4: bayne_s didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: Stuart Paterson (button) folded on the Flop
Seat 7: donaldunluck (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: GB2005 (big blind) showed [Tc Ah Ac Kc] and won (142,300) with two pair, Aces and Queens
GB2005 had been raising about every hand and l_enchanteur had busted cash bubble by calling a aggro player with AQxx on Q77 flop to bust his unimproved AK jam.
Pearljammed had been raising a lot of ds middles and as hard as this would be to believe I was playing tight, I decided to take advantage of my image on this hand:

Seat 1: JROBB (61,017)
Seat 2: bingomaria (289,590)
Seat 3: bayne_s (40,396)
Seat 4: mjj864579 (165,066)
Seat 5: PearlJammed (87,492)
Seat 7: GB2005 (269,053)
Seat 9: futura (42,386)
bingomaria posts the small blind of 2,500
bayne_s posts the big blind of 5,000
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [7d 4h 5h 2h]
mjj864579 folds
PearlJammed raises to 13,555
bayne_s calls 8,555
*** FLOP *** [Tc Ah 7h]
bayne_s bets 26,841, and is all in
PearlJammed calls 26,841
bayne_s shows [7d 4h 5h 2h]
PearlJammed shows [Ad Qc Kc 4d]
*** TURN *** [Tc Ah 7h] [8s]
*** RIVER *** [Tc Ah 7h 8s] [Th]
bayne_s shows a flush, Ace high
PearlJammed shows two pair, Aces and Tens
bayne_s wins the pot (83,292) with a flush, Ace high
And I made some new friends:
noble_work (Observer): ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
bayne_s: you had an Ace?
UPSYOURMONEY (Observer): donk push
HoldUpOneTime (Observer): was a nice call
bayne_s: you never have an ace
jgbfan420 (Observer): dude that's omaha
xxnp55699 (Observer): he did
jgbfan420 (Observer): wasnt a bad play on either side
matt126912 (Observer): he called preflop with 7542 with 3 low hearts
jgbfan420 (Observer): lol
xxnp55699 (Observer): station = win
matt126912 (Observer): lol thats a terrible call preflop[
noble_work (Observer): If it wasn't for luck, i guess pearl would win all o fthese
Unfortunately a few hands later 2nd straight went down in flames to nut straight and then I missed 12 river outs to give pearljammed chips back.

There is always next week.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Questions of the Day?

From time I have started working the orange topped coffee pot has been decaf. I believe 1st time I saw this was in 1981 in San Diego. Who made this decision? Why was orange the choice?

Made a bad (but small bluff) at StB in PLO last night. It was the fact that bluff could not be big that made it real bad and it occurred on river. The nut flush bluff works far better on the turn with a pot building bluff because opponent has to worry about size of river bet as well.

Someone else at table early made a bad play that cost me a shot at a big pot. In PLO flopping a nut flush is nice but they gave the other players in hand a free card. I turned top trips with 6 sure outs to nut boat and an Ace for probably 3 more outs. The nut boat checked, flush now chose to bet I called hoping for a card and SB potted. We were still deep enough that I would have been able to call SB but flush went to felt drawing dead and river Ace made me sad.

I cracked Aces (AAT7) once with KKJT ds, I thought J97 flop made me 55-45 favorite so I bet out and called small raise. Since one of my gutters was for chop I was really 40-45 dog with 15% chop. River J eliminated Dwal347 and left him in a small state of disbelief.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

4 Down 51 to go

Riverchasers tonight. PLO w00t.

I started Mookie poorly by trying to bluff LJ off a hand pre-flop. She had TT and I was left with 135 chips. I was then forced to follow The Ten Commandments of Donkey Poker Donkette created. I have to admit that was rather fun, I jammed about 3 times an orbit if I had a blackjack 19 or better or pair, doubled up 1st against LJ with KJ vs AQ, then against Hellory with A8 vs. AQ. There must have been a couple of more as I was around 2500 chips at the 1st break and I stopped jamming for a while.

Halfway through the 2nd hour having somehow gotten to 5k chips I jammed TT over Surflexus raise (he had AK) and he won his 375th consecutive coinflip in the Mookie to eliminate me.

Dookie was amazing as I think it finished in under an hour.
I laid an awful beat on Donkette calling off all my chips with just a gutshot knowing she had AA and rivered it but then was eliminated by Chad when I called his AA with 4 connected rags and flopped 2p + gutshot but turn counterfeited me after I jammed flop.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Timing is everything

I thought I told a good story. From button I raised Drizz BB a smallish 1.5x like I was either weak or wanted action. Drizz took the bait and attempted to resteal. I reraised putting Drizz to test with my armada. Unfortunately a few Cap'n & Cokes and holding KK gave him the courage to call. My cards were pointy (44) but failed me. Congrats for using chips wisely.

3 times in skillz I started with 4 suited cards and also had straight draw by 6th. None of three times did I finish with flush or straight.

There was a sick hand at my table in skillz:

Full Tilt Poker Game #5504872463: Skill Series (40521319), Table 9 - 80/160 Ante 15 - Limit Stud Hi - 22:19:40 ET - 2008/03/04
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to Shabazz Jenkins [4c]
Dealt to Player A [8s]
Dealt to Player B [2h]
Dealt to GCox25 [9c]
Dealt to Player C [7s]
Dealt to corron10 [Kd]
Dealt to bayne_s [Ah Jc] [2d]
Dealt to peacecorn [4h]
bayne_s is low with [2d]
bayne_s brings in for 25
peacecorn folds
Shabazz Jenkins calls 25
Player A calls 25
Player B calls 25
GCox25 completes it to 80
Player C calls 80
corron10 folds
bayne_s folds
Shabazz Jenkins calls 55
Player A calls 55
Player B calls 55
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to Shabazz Jenkins [4c] [Th]
Dealt to Player A [8s] [Qh]
Dealt to Player B [2h] [2s]
Dealt to GCox25 [9c] [5s]
Dealt to Player C [7s] [6s]
Player B checks
GCox25 bets 160
Player C calls 160
Shabazz Jenkins folds
Player A calls 160
Player B calls 160
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to Player A [8s Qh] [Js]
Dealt to Player B [2h 2s] [3h]
Dealt to GCox25 [9c 5s] [8h]
Dealt to Player C [7s 6s] [Tc]
Player B checks
GCox25 bets 160
Player C calls 160
Player A raises to 320
Player B calls 320
GCox25 raises to 480
Player C calls 320
Player A calls 160
Player B calls 160
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to Player A [8s Qh Js] [Jd]
Dealt to Player B [2h 2s 3h] [Td]
Dealt to GCox25 [9c 5s 8h] [7c]
Dealt to Player C [7s 6s Tc] [Kh]
Player A bets 160
Player B calls 160
GCox25 raises to 320
Player C calls 320
Player A raises to 480
Player B calls 320
GCox25 raises to 640
Player C calls 320
Player A calls 160
Player B calls 160
*** 7TH STREET ***
Player A bets 160
Player B raises to 320
GCox25 raises to 480
Player C raises to 640
Player A calls 480
Player B calls 320
GCox25 calls 160
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Player C shows [As Qs 7s 6s Tc Kh 4s] a flush, Ace high
Player A shows [Jh 8c 8s Qh Js Jd 7d] a full house, Jacks full of Eights
Player B mucks
GCox25 shows [9s 9h 9c 5s 8h 7c 9d] four of a kind, Nines
GCox25 wins the pot (8,225) with four of a kind, Nines
The limits are now 100/200 with an ante of 15
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 8,225 Rake 0
Seat 1: Shabazz Jenkins folded on 4th St.
Seat 2: Player A showed [Jh 8c 8s Qh Js Jd 7d] and lost with a full house, Jacks full of Eights
Seat 3: Player B mucked [5d 3s 2h 2s 3h Td 3d] - a full house, Threes full of Twos
Seat 4: GCox25 showed [9s 9h 9c 5s 8h 7c 9d] and won (8,225) with four of a kind, Nines
Seat 5: Player C showed [As Qs 7s 6s Tc Kh 4s] and lost with a flush, Ace high
Seat 6: corron10 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 7: bayne_s folded on 3rd St.
Seat 8: peacecorn folded on 3rd St.

I was thinking as the hand continued that Gary is too tight to be betting a 9 high straight against what is at least a Q hi straight or Ten hi straight plus no one seems to be worried about the paired cards. Since 3 of Gary's 4 nines were down I am wondering if any of players should have considered laydown before 7th?

Monday, March 03, 2008

5th will have to do

Quote of the day:
Fuel55: i could make $100K a day if i was lucky as you

Early in Math I played back at lucko from SB with AQo.
Flop came 3 small with 2 diamonds and I had Ad so I fired a pot size bet. Lucko jammed and since his stack was reduced I felt pot committed. AQo was dog to 97s put lucko did not catch up.

Fuel was trying to trap me when I was button and he was BB.
1st trap failed horribly when I hammer raised and he smooth called with QQ.
Flop was K22 and I bet because I am a man. Fuel min raised since he is also man and I minraised back. Ace on turn spooked him more and he folded. Fuels read was correct when he said "No Fawking way you had King"

2nd try he raised my BB with JJ and I called with AT to see a scary TT5 flop, we were both a little wary but I won a decent pot.

Finally put him out of his misery when he reraised my QQ with AQ and none of the 17 aces in the deck appeared.

Went card dead and tried to play a little more aggro, but it's really not my thing. Lost 2 60/40s to seal my fate and go out 5th. Congrats to Nemesis for taking down TOC seat with a well played HU battle with zeroluck001.

Tonight is 1st skill game of BBT3
6:30 Full Tilt


Play Bodog's Poker Blogger Tournament Series Tuesday Nights
Next Tournament: Tuesday March 4th, 2008
Start Time: 9:05 pm ET.

Buy-in: $10 + $1
Prize Pool will be distributed as per Bodog's standard multi-table payout table. In addition, the top 5 players for each week also wins T$109 to be used to buy-in to the $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament held every Sunday at 4:00 PM ET. The top 5 bubble players each week win a free buy-in to next week's Weekly Tournament. (T$11 will be credited to these players' Bodog account within 24 hours after the completion of the each tournament)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hand that ruined Saturday Night Sleep

Situation is we are already in money of $20k PLO, at this stage of tourney there is not a lot of limping because pairs QQ - AA are pot betting.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5459779961: $20,000 Guarantee (41237301), Table 21 - 500/1000 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 17:26:51 ET - 2008/03/01
Seat 1: bayne_s (39,938)
Seat 2: prls17 (14,430)
Seat 3: OneMervin (35,341)
Seat 4: dmandon (35,238)
Seat 5: koolie222 (21,460)
Seat 7: Bush007 (29,356)
Seat 8: shannon11 (170,440)
Bush007 posts the small blind of 500
shannon11 posts the big blind of 1,000
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [Jh 8d Ah Qd]
if it is earlier in tournament or 8 has 1 or 2 more pips I limp but UTG sitting 7th I pass
bayne_s folds
prls17 folds
OneMervin calls 1,000
dmandon folds
koolie222 raises to 4,000
Bush007 folds
shannon11 calls 3,000
OneMervin calls 3,000
*** FLOP *** [9h Th Ks] Fawk
shannon11 bets 6,250
OneMervin raises to 31,250
koolie222 has 15 seconds left to act
koolie222 calls 17,460, and is all in
shannon11 calls 25,000
*** TURN *** [9h Th Ks] [Ad]
shannon11 bets 1,000
OneMervin calls 91, and is all in
shannon11 shows [9s 3h 9d 5d] Fawk
OneMervin shows [Td 5c Ts 7s] Fawk
koolie222 shows [Kc 6c 2c Kh] Fawk
Uncalled bet of 909 returned to shannon11
*** RIVER *** [9h Th Ks Ad] [Qc]
shannon11 shows three of a kind, Nines
OneMervin shows three of a kind, Tens
OneMervin wins the side pot (27,762) with three of a kind, Tens
koolie222 shows three of a kind, Kings
koolie222 wins the main pot (64,880) with three of a kind, Kings
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 92,642 Main pot 64,880. Side pot 27,762. Rake 0
Board: [9h Th Ks Ad Qc]
Seat 1: bayne_s didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: prls17 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: OneMervin showed [Td 5c Ts 7s] and won (27,762) with three of a kind, Tens
Seat 4: dmandon didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: koolie222 (button) showed [Kc 6c 2c Kh] and won (64,880) with three of a kind, Kings
Seat 7: Bush007 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: shannon11 (big blind) showed [9s 3h 9d 5d] and lost with three of a kind, Nines

That would have put me in 2nd, 5 hands later I went out flopping 2p, I knew I was ahead of preflop raiser but 3rd dude in hand had flopped bottom set.

I clipped some of my statistics
2nd break
Statistics for 110 Hands
Street Saw Saw/Total
Flop 40 36% I tend to try to speculate early
Turn 19 17%
River 11 10%
Showdown 10 9%
Street Won Won/Saw Won/Total
Pre-flop 0 0% 0%
Flop 1 3% 1%
Turn 1 5% 1%
River 0 0% 0%
Showdown 7 70% 6%
3rd break
Statistics for 170 Hands
Street Saw Saw/Total
Flop 53 31% 13 of 60 in 3rd hour when pricier
Turn 26 15%
River 14 8%
Showdown 13 8%
Street Won Won/Saw Won/Total
Pre-flop 0 0% 0%
Flop 1 2% 1%
Turn 1 4% 1%
River 0 0% 0%
Showdown 10 77% 6%
Statistics for 243 Hands
Street Saw Saw/Total
Flop 59 24% 6 of my last 73
Turn 27 11%
River 15 6%
Showdown 14 6%
Street Won Won/Saw Won/Total
Pre-flop 4 2% 2%
Flop 2 3% 1%
Turn 1 4% 0%
River 0 0% 0%
Showdown 10 71% 4%

Looks like my typical style, try to hit flops and collect big pots early when I can see flop cheap, can't speculate as blinds grow but can start to take pots down preflop.

There is always next week.

In my Saturday live tourney I finished 30th. In 3 orbits I had AJs > 22 (he called jam), AQo > 22 (he called jam) to get to a decent stack, but then QTs > AQ (he raised 3k into 30k pot pre) , then K8s > A8s (she raised 4k into 36k pot).

Hand after K8s lady crippled me QJo called her reraise jam getting 3:1 and cracked her AKs and she called him a donkey. Since I was still a little steamed I felt compelled to ask "Is calling off chips at 3:1 with QJo a bigger donkey move than calling off chips with K8 suited at 3:2?"

My poker maturity has not reached point where I don't enjoy bad beats on others who I feel have bad beat me.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

PLO Saturdays

While waiting for Saturdays with Pauly to start I discovered a new tournament on full tilt.

195 entrants to start the tourney and there were a few Euros scattered around my starting table.