Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Got to follow a fire truck and a police SUV into the apartment parking lot last night.

Wife did not think it was funny when I asked her if she had burned dinner.

There was no fire but there was a car parked outside kid's window with a dude unconscious from CO exposure. Don't know if he was bummed about the whorehouse closing downstairs or the holidays. Hooking a hose from tailpipe in an apartment parking lot when people are coming home from work seems like a cry for help more than a well thought out attempt. They took him away in ambulance but ambulance did not use lights, don't know what that means.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Somebody has to do it

No poker content.

Latest project at work is designing part of a sperm sorting system.

I think when I get around to updating my resume this will have to be prominently displayed.

Non Disclosure Agreements prevent me from going into too much detail. When project was 1st explained the lone woman on project was the one that said "Somebody has to do it"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poker Table Ratings analysis

PokerTableRatings has now added PLO! "Bell Curve" above shows where I rank in terms of aggression vs. the general population. I think this clearly confirms they have not collected enough information for data to be meaningful.

On this one I am the lonely little red dot on the left.

Obviously data is not that meaningful yet because they have only been tracking since mid to late last month. I think my aggression is a little low because I have been fortunate in finding tables where there is one player trying to run over the table and I call flop and turn with monsters and rarely am afforded the opportunity to raise on river since I am calling all ins.

My PTR report card has issued a grade of F for pre-flop aggression and F for flop aggression, I do improve to a D for turn aggression. I may have to repeat.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend Football Wrap-up

Georgia Tech won a game when trailing by 3 in overtime Tech went for it on 4th and 1 from the 6.

Coach Paul Johnson was asked after the game about going for it in that spot where a loss put the U of Miami in driver's seat for ACC Championship:

"The easy thing to do is kick it, because it puts the onus on the kids, if the kicker misses it you can blame the kicker"

At the time Georgia Tech was 0 for 4 on 4th down attempts against Wake but 9 of 13 the rest of season.

Tech needs to sign him up to a long term contract with big buyout payment clauses before one of the deep pocketed school's decides maybe that option offense can work in BCS.

Tampa Bay chose this weekend to start it's Ring of Fame and induct LeRoy Selmon as 1st member. Since he was 1st Buc and only Hall of Famer it seems like a fine choice.
Wearing the creamsicles and re-enacting 'The Bay of Pigs' game may have been too much dwelling on the "Buc traditions".

Friday, November 06, 2009

Waffles decided not to visit

Last night 5 police cars rolled into my apartment complex with arrest and search warrants for my downstairs neighbor and one other apartment. Asian gentleman below frequently had 2 Asian women in apartment, other apartment also had 2 younger Asian women residents. None of the women have been seen much around the complex but they do seem to have men visit them for approximately an hour most nights. Downstairs neighbor always has blinds closed and sheets behind preventing visibility inside apartment. Apparently they were planning to move out/on Saturday so police visited before address change.

Waffles let me know if my neighbors are not welcome he won't be visiting.

I was up $600 playing $1/$2 PLO as I was having one of those nights where not only was I holding nut hands on flop or turn I was holding redraws that were coming on river and players making bad chases would bet the "scare" card into my new nut hand. I don't think there was a single occurrence of holding nut against nut and having redraw river. Unfortunately I decided to leave 2 great tables while my wife was talking to one of the policemen in the doorway who was visiting many neighbors asking what had been observed about neighbor.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

PLO question

Is there a video somewhere advocating raising any 4 cards pre-flop, then potting any flop that hits?

Three straight nights I have been at table with someone who raised >50% of time pre and limped an additional 30%. Player then potted flop > 50% when flop seen.

Last night favorite hand was I held AK99 ds and called preflop raise. raiser had KQJ3 with 1 suit that did not happen to be live against me.

Flop was K99 and I somehow felt compelled to call pot bets on flop, turn and river.
There may have been a flush draw on flop but neither of us was drawing to that.
I was just a little sad not to be able to raise river as villain was all in.

In non-poker related news I have learned that when a 15 year old daughter asks that you change her alarm clock to 7:00 am, 6:59 am is not an acceptable time for the alarm to go off.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Baby is 15

Demon Child turned 15 today. In California this means 6 months until she can get her learner's permit. I was dreading prospect of being one my daughter gets to practice driving with, we do not have lanes lined with tires and pillows in Bay Area that I have found yet.

Got daughter her own computer for birthday, it is sick how cheap a pute is. Got the lojack on it and facial recognition to boot on it so hopefully we can find it if stolen. Something has been stolen from her every year that she has been in school down here. I would like someone to get caught once.

Been sticking to PLO cash lately. Last night I was told in chat:
"You are really quite annoying" right before he got up from table..

Blind v Blind he had AA79 I had 79TJ on 568 rainbow flop we got all in on flop and I hit redraw.

Previously I had AKKQ on K33 flop, intial raiser potted, he called, I called. Turn Q action was check, bet pot, call fold. I had to raise his pot river bet after river 7. Not my fault that he called flop bet with QQ and no 3.

I am amazed at how much fishier 6-max PLO is now vs. full ring PLO two years ago.