Thursday, November 05, 2009

PLO question

Is there a video somewhere advocating raising any 4 cards pre-flop, then potting any flop that hits?

Three straight nights I have been at table with someone who raised >50% of time pre and limped an additional 30%. Player then potted flop > 50% when flop seen.

Last night favorite hand was I held AK99 ds and called preflop raise. raiser had KQJ3 with 1 suit that did not happen to be live against me.

Flop was K99 and I somehow felt compelled to call pot bets on flop, turn and river.
There may have been a flush draw on flop but neither of us was drawing to that.
I was just a little sad not to be able to raise river as villain was all in.

In non-poker related news I have learned that when a 15 year old daughter asks that you change her alarm clock to 7:00 am, 6:59 am is not an acceptable time for the alarm to go off.

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DrChako said...

I have no idea how to advise you on 15 year old daughters or PLO hands, but lack of knowledge and experience has never stopped me before.

Naked aggression is usually a losing strategy, but since a. no one is ever a huge favorite in Omaha, b. the flop will usually touch everyone in some way and c. it's rare to ever get truly clobbered by the flop, then it might work as a strategy. You should try it at .01/.02 and see what happens. If you have a tight table (which I have actually seen, even at .01/.02), it might be profitable.

As far as the alarm issue, set the alarm for 7:01, but move the time ahead two minutes. Win/win.