Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Baby is 15

Demon Child turned 15 today. In California this means 6 months until she can get her learner's permit. I was dreading prospect of being one my daughter gets to practice driving with, we do not have lanes lined with tires and pillows in Bay Area that I have found yet.

Got daughter her own computer for birthday, it is sick how cheap a pute is. Got the lojack on it and facial recognition to boot on it so hopefully we can find it if stolen. Something has been stolen from her every year that she has been in school down here. I would like someone to get caught once.

Been sticking to PLO cash lately. Last night I was told in chat:
"You are really quite annoying" right before he got up from table..

Blind v Blind he had AA79 I had 79TJ on 568 rainbow flop we got all in on flop and I hit redraw.

Previously I had AKKQ on K33 flop, intial raiser potted, he called, I called. Turn Q action was check, bet pot, call fold. I had to raise his pot river bet after river 7. Not my fault that he called flop bet with QQ and no 3.

I am amazed at how much fishier 6-max PLO is now vs. full ring PLO two years ago.

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