Friday, November 06, 2009

Waffles decided not to visit

Last night 5 police cars rolled into my apartment complex with arrest and search warrants for my downstairs neighbor and one other apartment. Asian gentleman below frequently had 2 Asian women in apartment, other apartment also had 2 younger Asian women residents. None of the women have been seen much around the complex but they do seem to have men visit them for approximately an hour most nights. Downstairs neighbor always has blinds closed and sheets behind preventing visibility inside apartment. Apparently they were planning to move out/on Saturday so police visited before address change.

Waffles let me know if my neighbors are not welcome he won't be visiting.

I was up $600 playing $1/$2 PLO as I was having one of those nights where not only was I holding nut hands on flop or turn I was holding redraws that were coming on river and players making bad chases would bet the "scare" card into my new nut hand. I don't think there was a single occurrence of holding nut against nut and having redraw river. Unfortunately I decided to leave 2 great tables while my wife was talking to one of the policemen in the doorway who was visiting many neighbors asking what had been observed about neighbor.


SirFWALGMan said...

So your wife told them she saw you go down there often?

Shrike said...

Obvious solution: wear noise-masking earphones to avoid distraction. Your BR will thank you.


Bayne_S said...

No more grabbing my wallet before taking out the garbage for me