Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poker Table Ratings analysis

PokerTableRatings has now added PLO! "Bell Curve" above shows where I rank in terms of aggression vs. the general population. I think this clearly confirms they have not collected enough information for data to be meaningful.

On this one I am the lonely little red dot on the left.

Obviously data is not that meaningful yet because they have only been tracking since mid to late last month. I think my aggression is a little low because I have been fortunate in finding tables where there is one player trying to run over the table and I call flop and turn with monsters and rarely am afforded the opportunity to raise on river since I am calling all ins.

My PTR report card has issued a grade of F for pre-flop aggression and F for flop aggression, I do improve to a D for turn aggression. I may have to repeat.


ScottN said...

Sometimes, it's good to be the little red dot on the left, no? Long live meaningless scattergrams!

Statistically yours,


lj said...


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The Wife said...

If its any consolation, I'm sure my red dot can't even make it on the map, its so far left.

Bayne_S said...

Good luck squeezing left of this one: pl-6-omaha-fulltilt.png

or above this one: pl-6-omaha-fulltilt.png

it was only 85 hands and I was mad at self for playing above bankroll anyway so may have folded more than normal.