Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comedy on a Saturday Night

Hero alered me to a table he was on. You don't see stack sizes like these every day on a $25 buy in table.

Link to whole session is here:

There is 1 spectacular $5k+ pot

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got to be Proactive

Four years ago we flew east for a niece's wedding, a moment from the week that stuck with me is the in-laws opened a phone bill. They were probably last people in America that went for the cheapest basic service where you paid for local calls after using x minutes. They got hit with a few hundred dollar charge for local service since younger niece apparently averaged 50+ hours/week on phone (they also had AOL dialup).

Today demon daughter and her BFF were sending a flurry of text messages. Daughter was laughing as she could not keep up pace.

I quickly called Sprint and changed my calling plan to include unlimited texting. Sprint must be freaked about the I-Phone because they offered me $140 credit to extend contract on 2 phones that had reached end of agreement 2 years.

I still not have heard from company I interviewed with 2 1/2 weeks ago but I still had a better day than Michael Jackson. I doubt anyone will have a bigger gap between professional and personal success than the 'King of Pop'.

I was at 'Confetti' in north Atlanta during original airing of Motown 25, undoubtably originally for cheap Happy Hour. (Being a junior at a Tech school odds were better to leave campus). Dance floor suddenly froze about 3:44 into clip when we all wondered wtf did we just see when Michael moonwalked. Even though I was more of a fan of Rush, Styx, AC/DC and VanHalen had to recognize Michael was King of Music in 80s.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Living Large comes to an end

The week in Vegas came to an end. Met up with lightning at Paris before visiting 2 of my favorite craps spots, Planet Hollywood and Casino Royale (took beatings) and the met up with wife and daughter for dinner as it seemed like I would earn points spending last night with them.

As we were walking away from dinner I made a comment about daughter giving me traditional kiss on the cheek for Father's Day in morning. Daughter had traditional "don't even think about it, not going to happen" response while wife had a look of panic and sent me off by myself as she had "souvenir shopping" to do.

I got to $10 craps table closest to poker room and discovered facing cafe rolling craps is a fine way to spend Saturday night in Las Vegas. Apparently XS (the pool side nightclub) is quite popular as 10:00 pm arrived and there was a parade of people walking by towards XS. I hung out with Steve, John and SteveO who were 3 20 somethings who grew up in Jersey and worked in Manhattan and may have decided to ditch the line and hang out at my end of craps table.

Being the old married guy I am I probably would not have noticed that quite a few attractive women were walking by nor would I have noticed the 3 ladies (and possibly 3 guys) playing at the adjacent table. They were a blonde in somewhat sheer red dress wearing a red thong, a brunette wearing a differently cut but same material dress with black thong and a blonde wearing a sheer black dress with black thong. I cannot remember on past vacation trips seeing woman dressed in this manner.

Between the sights and commentary of the Jersey boys I was barely paying attention to the dice as player at other end of table managed to hit at least 4 points and quite a few numbers. The dealers also had to nudge me a few times on my turn to get the dice thrown. During my turn a dude walked up to table, bought in for $5000 and started making dark side bets. He made $400 lay bets on the 4 and 10 which I quickly wiped out but he rallied with a single don't come bet.

Jersey boy John picked up the dice and after setting point of 10, quickly rolled a 5 (raised my place bet to $15), a 5 (raised my bet to $25), a 5 (raised my bet to $35), a 5 (raised my bet to $50), a 5 (raised my bet to $75), a 5 (raised my bet to $125), a 5 (raised my bet to $200).

Darkside better bet don't pass then don't come and decided to keep increasing his bets until he was left with the original $400 don't pass on the 10 and wiped out his $5k battling the trend.

At this point I decided to throw a $25 bet out for the shooter and only one of the Jersey Steves placed his own bet. The dudes were funny but they didn't bet worth a shit, only backed up odds at 1x, bet an occaisonal field and maybe bet a number but never put house money to use.

Jersey John pounded a lot of numbers but only got one more 9 before crapping out.

After dice passed I noticed the chicas at next table were gone and none of the Jersey boys had noticed the exit as the focus on the FIVE had taken over.

Table remained hot for a few more orbits but no one managed to just pound a number on future rolls.

The big fashion question remains when did sheer become the thing????

Overall the Palazzo was the hotel of choice but the casino ambiance and craps was better at Wynn. The O8 game at Wynn was also incredible as I think a minimum of 5 people saw every flop and 4 people saw the turn on a K94 all spade flop where I folded the bare A of spades on flop because after the 3-bet I did not believe I had fold equity to bluff.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Live PLO tournies

I played Venetian Big Stack PLO.

One of the 6000 Full Tilt Red letter pros was also at my table and had a monster stack by hitting flops and knocking people out.

The russian to my right was a bluffing/spewing machine.

Crasians don't fold AA on flop in tournies. Early (50/100 blinds) he could not fold AA34 on 689 flop. Against me he could not fold AA25 on T94 flop and my QJT9 went down in flames with turn 7 and river 4. God bless those willing to go broke with unimproved AA in PLO except when they suck out. We both had ~30k behind so I was more than willing to commit 1800 pre with ds QJT9.

1st impression Palazzo > Wynn.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I post this from my Palazzo Suite. It is 20 steps to the door from the desk. There are 3 TVs and the drapes have a remote control.

Wife and kid may never agree to stay at Rio again. (Harrahs was banished as option long ago).

Venetian O8 deep stack 1st hand I looked at cards one at a time as they were dealt.




Intellectual curiosity forced me to look at 4th despite knowing I was already folding. It was a 3.

I was at a great table where 4-6 people saw a limped pot pre and 3 players at table would bet low only hands and they would also draw to lows with 2 cards 9+ on flop.

Sadly I got abused with A46 on 235 flop when the admittedly better A234 starting hand rivered a boat to take me from 3/4 to 1/4 after we capped the flop and turn.

Rest of tourney was slow bleed where half of my hands were face, 9, and 2 cards between 3 and 6.

Wife and daughter are already poolside and seeing phantom later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tasing the elderly

My apologies in advance to ScottMc or JJOK if this is your mom.

I have seen this twice on the today show this morning. Matt Lauer seemed to take position that he does not know what alternative choice the offier was left with. Erin Burnett (guest hosting) and my wife were of opinion that she should never have been tased.

At times in my past I have worked briefly as a bouncer and know that restraining the belligerent without inflicting any injury is very difficult. Don't think the taser was right choice but don't know that he could have handcuffed her with no risk of injuring her or having her manage to move into traffic.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Live Poker Suckage Night

During rebuy period had QQ and stole blinds.
Had JJ, 3 callers and flop was AKQ rainbow.
Had J6o 4 straight hands, Q6o then J3.

When Rebuy priod ended I did Addon and rebuy to achieve same chip level that double rebuy + add brings for those that bust last hand.

Finally chipped up when KK > KTs.
Next hand limp called a button raise with 98s, flop is 765 rainbow, action is check, check bet, jam. I naturally call. Jammer shows his 8, I say nothing to the tournament director. Button calls ( he is shortest of us by 4k chips), he has KK. Turn K, river 7.

I raise AA UTG get rr by UTG + 1, everyone folds to me, I jam he has AA, we chop.

Moved to other table monster stack to immediate left, rest of table short. SB open shoves for 3.5 BB, I have A rag and call. He turns over KT and shouts "hold" although I have 16 if playing blackjack am under belief that I am ahead. I flop flush draw and gutter, he rivers T and berates me for making a bad call and getting what I deserved. I exit next hand with 2 pair against flush and 1.5 BB ATC call from SB.

I get on 101 N, car handles funny. In 1st break of night flat tire is on right side.

Scissors jacks suck. 3rd attempt car gets enough height to remove tire. Car rolls during removal attempt. Brake was set WTF. I am screwed tire is partially off, jack is at 45 degree angle.

30 minutes and $85 later tow truck brings real jack and spare is replaced.

Dr. C's wife has made a brilliant decision not to go along for live poker.

As I type this I notice 3 knuckles are scraped from my tire changing efforts.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


"Tweets are for birds, not for grown men." - Michael Wilbon, PTI, June 3, 2009

Truer words have not been spoken!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Life Tilt

Chad popped up in IM recently requesting that I teach him how to roach in a tournament. I was around 40 of 41 in $5k (36 paid) and finally took a bad beat to finish 11th. Sadly despite being able to consistently roach well into money and occaisonally win from a small stacked position I can't explain how I pick my spots. I of course tried to use occaison to pick Chad's brain on how to run deep for big money.

Sadly I learned people skillz.

Frustrated in my job search I again contacted a company I applied with 2 weeks ago. From job description it is a job I did 10 years ago but using communication standards I have designed equipment for recently. My cover letter (email) read:

"I applied before, you have not responded and sadly I am a perfect fit for the opening described. I used to do the same job for the competitor that always kicked your ass in sales

I am beginning to understand what led to you losing out competitively.

Thank you for considering me for HW Design position you have posted on web-site,


Monday, June 01, 2009

Seat 1: Leetoeleona (2,560), is sitting out
Seat 2: X_BOZZY_X (2,450), is sitting out
Seat 3: bayne_s (3,440)
Seat 4: Imnotafish (8,294)
Seat 5: baadman88 (2,460), is sitting out
Seat 6: effalumper (10,912)
Seat 7: EastonBill (2,515), is sitting out
Seat 8: cowboy1667 (11,956)
Seat 9: TooOld2Fold (383)
effalumper posts the small blind of 40
EastonBill posts the big blind of 80
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [Qs Th Qc As]
cowboy1667 calls 80TooOld2
Fold calls 80Leetoeleona folds
X_BOZZY_X foldsbayne_s calls 80
Imnotafish raises to 520
he is from Finland and went to felt earlier with 599K 1 suit 3 hands previous
baadman88 folds
effalumper folds
EastonBill folds
cowboy1667 calls 440
TooOld2Fold folds
bayne_s raises to 2,280
Imnotafish raises to 7,560
cowboy1667 folds
bayne_s calls 1,160, and is all in
Imnotafish shows [2s 9d 6h 7s]
bayne_s shows [Qs Th Qc As]
Uncalled bet of 4,120 returned to Imnotafish
*** TURN *** [Qd Td 7c] [7d]
*** RIVER *** [Qd Td 7c 7d] [7h]
Imnotafish shows four of a kind, Sevens
bayne_s shows a full house, Queens full of SevensImnotafish wins the pot (7,600) with four of a kind, Sevens

13 hands later the incorrectly named Imnotafish exited MSOP.

I was not stalking but did not close window quickly.