Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got to be Proactive

Four years ago we flew east for a niece's wedding, a moment from the week that stuck with me is the in-laws opened a phone bill. They were probably last people in America that went for the cheapest basic service where you paid for local calls after using x minutes. They got hit with a few hundred dollar charge for local service since younger niece apparently averaged 50+ hours/week on phone (they also had AOL dialup).

Today demon daughter and her BFF were sending a flurry of text messages. Daughter was laughing as she could not keep up pace.

I quickly called Sprint and changed my calling plan to include unlimited texting. Sprint must be freaked about the I-Phone because they offered me $140 credit to extend contract on 2 phones that had reached end of agreement 2 years.

I still not have heard from company I interviewed with 2 1/2 weeks ago but I still had a better day than Michael Jackson. I doubt anyone will have a bigger gap between professional and personal success than the 'King of Pop'.

I was at 'Confetti' in north Atlanta during original airing of Motown 25, undoubtably originally for cheap Happy Hour. (Being a junior at a Tech school odds were better to leave campus). Dance floor suddenly froze about 3:44 into clip when we all wondered wtf did we just see when Michael moonwalked. Even though I was more of a fan of Rush, Styx, AC/DC and VanHalen had to recognize Michael was King of Music in 80s.



lightning36 said...

Nah -- I'll skip all the Michael Jackson jokes.

Nice meeting you in Las Vegas, Bayne.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Sprint sucks.

Nice recap of the impact MJ had.