Monday, June 15, 2009


I post this from my Palazzo Suite. It is 20 steps to the door from the desk. There are 3 TVs and the drapes have a remote control.

Wife and kid may never agree to stay at Rio again. (Harrahs was banished as option long ago).

Venetian O8 deep stack 1st hand I looked at cards one at a time as they were dealt.




Intellectual curiosity forced me to look at 4th despite knowing I was already folding. It was a 3.

I was at a great table where 4-6 people saw a limped pot pre and 3 players at table would bet low only hands and they would also draw to lows with 2 cards 9+ on flop.

Sadly I got abused with A46 on 235 flop when the admittedly better A234 starting hand rivered a boat to take me from 3/4 to 1/4 after we capped the flop and turn.

Rest of tourney was slow bleed where half of my hands were face, 9, and 2 cards between 3 and 6.

Wife and daughter are already poolside and seeing phantom later.

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KenP said...

Broaden your game selection!