Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tasing the elderly

My apologies in advance to ScottMc or JJOK if this is your mom.

I have seen this twice on the today show this morning. Matt Lauer seemed to take position that he does not know what alternative choice the offier was left with. Erin Burnett (guest hosting) and my wife were of opinion that she should never have been tased.

At times in my past I have worked briefly as a bouncer and know that restraining the belligerent without inflicting any injury is very difficult. Don't think the taser was right choice but don't know that he could have handcuffed her with no risk of injuring her or having her manage to move into traffic.


jjok said...

no apologies necessary. her pacemaker is working fine now.

lightning36 said...

So since she is old and a woman the guy looks like a big bad mean police officer. How about you shut your piehole, don't swear at the cop, and comply with his orders?

The biggest problem problem was that this was taking place on the side of a busy highway and they were both at risk. The lady asked for it. They're both alive. I can live with it.

Wwonka said...

The only one who is to blame is the Old Woman. All she had to do was sign the ticket and be on her way. Instead she became Combative and aggressive towards the Officer.

Man Lawyers will be the end of us all. Now they will try and sue the officer for doing his job.