Friday, June 19, 2009

Live PLO tournies

I played Venetian Big Stack PLO.

One of the 6000 Full Tilt Red letter pros was also at my table and had a monster stack by hitting flops and knocking people out.

The russian to my right was a bluffing/spewing machine.

Crasians don't fold AA on flop in tournies. Early (50/100 blinds) he could not fold AA34 on 689 flop. Against me he could not fold AA25 on T94 flop and my QJT9 went down in flames with turn 7 and river 4. God bless those willing to go broke with unimproved AA in PLO except when they suck out. We both had ~30k behind so I was more than willing to commit 1800 pre with ds QJT9.

1st impression Palazzo > Wynn.

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