Sunday, June 07, 2009

Live Poker Suckage Night

During rebuy period had QQ and stole blinds.
Had JJ, 3 callers and flop was AKQ rainbow.
Had J6o 4 straight hands, Q6o then J3.

When Rebuy priod ended I did Addon and rebuy to achieve same chip level that double rebuy + add brings for those that bust last hand.

Finally chipped up when KK > KTs.
Next hand limp called a button raise with 98s, flop is 765 rainbow, action is check, check bet, jam. I naturally call. Jammer shows his 8, I say nothing to the tournament director. Button calls ( he is shortest of us by 4k chips), he has KK. Turn K, river 7.

I raise AA UTG get rr by UTG + 1, everyone folds to me, I jam he has AA, we chop.

Moved to other table monster stack to immediate left, rest of table short. SB open shoves for 3.5 BB, I have A rag and call. He turns over KT and shouts "hold" although I have 16 if playing blackjack am under belief that I am ahead. I flop flush draw and gutter, he rivers T and berates me for making a bad call and getting what I deserved. I exit next hand with 2 pair against flush and 1.5 BB ATC call from SB.

I get on 101 N, car handles funny. In 1st break of night flat tire is on right side.

Scissors jacks suck. 3rd attempt car gets enough height to remove tire. Car rolls during removal attempt. Brake was set WTF. I am screwed tire is partially off, jack is at 45 degree angle.

30 minutes and $85 later tow truck brings real jack and spare is replaced.

Dr. C's wife has made a brilliant decision not to go along for live poker.

As I type this I notice 3 knuckles are scraped from my tire changing efforts.


Riggstad said...

FYL :)

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hilarious post, mr platinum star.

SirFWALGMan said...

*pats poor Bayne bald head*