Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mookie Tonight

In an attempt to revive I believe Al has promised a Full Tilt jersey to the winner of an 80 entrant Mookie tonight. I quit e replaying as payout (top 3 up to 20 some entrants), time involved due to structure only to be sucked out on by a douche-bag lagtard who talks smack after his 25% comes home is just annoying.

I will register assuming home by 7.

I will play depending how wife feels tonight.

My wife was very excited that her favorite niece was going to have a baby, went shopping this weekend and sent the baby gifts Monday morning.

Today same niece is undergoing procedure to remove deceased baby as doctor determined yesterday the heart had stopped beating. I would guess procedure is similar to 2nd trimester abortion (without moral implications or hopefully any protesters). They tried to induce labor and she is still waiting to deliver.

Hope she gets through procedure okay and her grief okay.

I played poker Monday night and was in BB with Th9h9c7c, Scandi UTG raised, SB called
and we saw a flop of Qc8h6h, SB checked, I checked planning on a CR because I don't think I h have ever seen a Scandi check behind after raising pre UTG and indeed saw an almost pot bet an almost pot raised so I made an all in raise feeling I was gambling against a set and an overpair.

Scandi had QsQd8s6d
SB had Qh8s6s8c

SB was dead money, I was an awesome 75% to win on flop getting 3:1 and did hit my straight.

After teaching me how bad I play in chat (yes even Q886 felt need to educate me) they left I played around to button collecting my 200 points and IronMan for month.

The quitter will never pass my IronMan streak now!

I haven't played a hand since and am probably going to take April off from poker but buy an Iron Month with medals to keep streak alive. I finished Monday up $200 but just not in good poker mindset.

The demon child has me driving her around Saturday otherwise I would have to make an exception for live poker and tri-tip dinner. We'll see how late daughter keeps me Saturday afternoon.

My wife has still not renewed license to drive and has only made the one attempt at test, demon child can take test in 5 weeks and has a week off from school in April. My money is on kid passing test 1st.

Monday, March 29, 2010

NBC Boycott

I will boycott NBC if they run one more commercial for Parenthood that hints at masturbation or women 'faking it' or any other sexual in nature theme before 10 pm!

I understand this is a rather minor threat because I probably only watch 2 hours of NBC's prime time lineup a week because of their overall suckitude but I would prefer the demon child not ask me to explain what faking means?

Wife cracked down on me last week and said I can't delegate all the explaining to her with a "Your her father you're going to have to deal with her growing up!" emphasis.
(For waffles only: Take note of grammatical difference in 'your' and 'you're')

My explanation was halted by daughter, I reported question to wife and she will explain today, if she understands what faking means.

Friday, March 26, 2010

So Stressed

I really like the day to day work I am doing but dealing with the changes from the contracting company is really stressing me out.

Have got to wonder if DrChako can prescribe some medical marijuana to alleviate my stress???

Biggest problem is I am sure my wife would also need something to alleviate her stress over me smoking pot.

The demon child set me up big time last night when she asked me why I never said anything about John Edwards cheating on his wife. I was part way through answering question when I realized wife was paying closer attention than I realized to how I answered question.

I think I escaped trap when I pointed out that Jesse James and Tiger were over the top with their exploits while Edwards' wife to the outside world seemed to accept situation but since she was a politicians wife we would never know the real story until the last book was written.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Work Day

Was going to update schematic, UNIX machine that hosts my files and tool crashed, put in request to IT.

2nd tried to create a part in vast system, read process document.

Got to step 2 and discovered I don't have EMCO account put in request.

3rd went to update Visio document. Discovered I don't have Visio.

Tried to install Visio and discovered as of 2 weeks ago manager has to approve SW installs for contractors. There is process and it involves having Oracle account

4th established Oracle account now must wait up to 24 hours for password to sync.

5th Got notified EMCO account has been granted access but I will have to sync up password.

How long until hoops tips off?

Demon Child last night concluded "Russell is greatest Survivor player ever. I still hate him"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mo Health Insurance

I have decided I am ready for full blown socialism with regard to health care.

US branch of company is moving to group health insurance.

Since we are 2 employees and group health is minimum 2 it means we have to agree.

This means our wives have to agree.

Boss has 2 small kids and his wife likes their pediatrician and have been covered by Blue Cross which is very wide network.

I moved 3000 miles to California in 1999, company at time paid 100% family coverage for Blue Cross or Kaiser. Kaiser looked cheaper out of pocket to me option and I had to find a new doctor anyway so no objections to being restricted to Kaiser facilities, they seem to have one in every town out here. Through 4 jobs and 1 period of unemployment we have stuck with Kaiser.

I spent far too much energy on phone and sending emails yesterday, my final email was always going to be enough to end discussion.

"We can switch to Blue Cross if they are willing to accept after we answer the pre-existing conditions portion of application".

2014 we can probably switch insurance carriers but doubt it can happen before then if I am not part of big employee pool.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010

Around 1985 the state of Virginia decided it was still okay to charge more for auto insurance based on age but gender could not be a factor in setting rates.

I did not see any savings in what I paid to insure my car but remember hearing from Becky that her auto insurance rates got jacked up.

Seems pretty standard to me that if insurance companies cannot use actuarial statistics to determine insurance charges they will charge higher rates to account for not being able to adjust for payout expectations.

A quick poll of the household would indicate 2 Obama votes in 2010. Neither of them pay taxes into the system so wtf do they care how much something costs.

I suspect I am screwed on this financially because it will either cost money long term in higher taxes or I will be dealing with higher out of pocket costs for health care as my company moves to a cheaper insurance plan. Being sole american I doubt CEO passes on the savings to employees.

I tried to read the bill but it is a lot like reading a document in Microsoft Word in 'Review Mode' if they had a choice of 'show only markup'. Without the underlying government law being modified it is just complete garbage to read!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back from Vegas

Things that tilted me this trip (in chronological order):

1) 1st time rolling the dice I established a point of 9 4 times. Since I made point on 3rd roll after establishing point 1st 2 times I decided to hop 5-4 3rd roll of that point. I rolled a 6-3. The next roll establishing point again was 5-4.

2) Georgia Tech played the ugliest 2nd half of basketball against Maryland a team has ever played in a victory.

3) It seemed like every person who got near broke at a blackjack table managed to walk to craps table I was at to buy in for less than 3 pass line bets. They of course would only bet "The Field" They also managed to time it to slow down a shooter that seemed to be just about to go a a roll.

4) 2 of the offending field bettors bought in using 5+ $1 bills.

5) Had one bad beat at poker for huge pot.

6) I was asked to leave Casino Royale when a field bettor managed to walk up to the table and knock the dice down as he placed his "money plays" $5 field bet. Laws of probability do not apply to this situation as dice come up 7 >90% of time. My rant was wafflesque resulting in request to leave.

7) I knew things would go badly after this happened Friday morning:

Bayne: I have to leave
Bayne: time for Vegas depart
sirfwalgman: nice
sirfwalgman: gl with the craps
sirfwalgman: I will be ROOTING for YOU
sirfwalgman: Cheering YOU on
sirfwalgman: to KILL CRAPS
Bayne: bastard
sirfwalgman is typing...
sirfwalgman: BLAHAHAHA

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I run so bad

Monday I thought it would be funny to suggest to waffles that he could have wine and dinner with a friend from high school but catch was dinner was after running a half-marathon.


IM 20 minutes ago

me: so?
K: tell me about waffles

She learns of my blog yesterday when I told her about the can't arouse captcha and the link she clicks on leads her to waffles because google reader picked up this post.

me: I have been sweating ever since he posted:
OMG what have I done
K: yes, that's the post i almost commented on! i'm like, whoa! he's talking about ME!
me: shit

Worse part is I was thinking I would have to train so I could run in a half-marathon just on the slim chance that waffles stuck to a training plan.

Me getting in half marathon shape seemed trivial compared to
logistics of can we take kid out of school to go to Disney World in October as kid is less likely to understand me going to Disney World without her than wife would accept me traveling cross country to run with chica from high school.

Was going to head to Las Vegas this weekend with boss and other canadian co-worker, The boss' wife saw 'The Hangover' or has some other issue with him going to Vegas so he has bailed on me, sucky part is I am now within 72 hour cancellation window so I would have to pay for a room I don't use or get free room if I still go.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Health Care

No poker:

Working for a Canadian Company means they do not have a lot of experience dealing with Health Insurance. End of the month I am transitioning from individual policy to a small company group health policy with deductible and HSA. I have no idea what it means for my out of pocket costs and that is my biggest concern since provider is still Kaiser so am willing to assume quality of care is same.

I have still not fully decided how I feel about Health Care 'Reform'. I remain confident that having US Government run would be clusterfuck but would not want to read another story like Otis' 2nd child.

I decided it would still be a good idea to contact the White House and send them link to Otis blog, I also may have included a rant about Hospitals' biggest drive seemed to be run tests to rule out issues (from wife's seizure experience) which I was not sure was to pay for equipment or protect from lawsuits. Insurance companies big drive seemed to be to raise premiums and deny claims and pharmaceutical companies biggest drive was to medicate moods or sell me Cialis or Viagra.

Of course White House wants to make sure a bot does not flood them so a captcha came up on send: