Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mo Health Insurance

I have decided I am ready for full blown socialism with regard to health care.

US branch of company is moving to group health insurance.

Since we are 2 employees and group health is minimum 2 it means we have to agree.

This means our wives have to agree.

Boss has 2 small kids and his wife likes their pediatrician and have been covered by Blue Cross which is very wide network.

I moved 3000 miles to California in 1999, company at time paid 100% family coverage for Blue Cross or Kaiser. Kaiser looked cheaper out of pocket to me option and I had to find a new doctor anyway so no objections to being restricted to Kaiser facilities, they seem to have one in every town out here. Through 4 jobs and 1 period of unemployment we have stuck with Kaiser.

I spent far too much energy on phone and sending emails yesterday, my final email was always going to be enough to end discussion.

"We can switch to Blue Cross if they are willing to accept after we answer the pre-existing conditions portion of application".

2014 we can probably switch insurance carriers but doubt it can happen before then if I am not part of big employee pool.