Friday, March 26, 2010

So Stressed

I really like the day to day work I am doing but dealing with the changes from the contracting company is really stressing me out.

Have got to wonder if DrChako can prescribe some medical marijuana to alleviate my stress???

Biggest problem is I am sure my wife would also need something to alleviate her stress over me smoking pot.

The demon child set me up big time last night when she asked me why I never said anything about John Edwards cheating on his wife. I was part way through answering question when I realized wife was paying closer attention than I realized to how I answered question.

I think I escaped trap when I pointed out that Jesse James and Tiger were over the top with their exploits while Edwards' wife to the outside world seemed to accept situation but since she was a politicians wife we would never know the real story until the last book was written.


ScottN said...

Dude - Tiger ain't got nothing on you! I've got photos and plan to negotiate w/ your demoness for a tidy sum... BWWWAAAHHHAAA... oh, wait, no, that's Stearns in the photos... never mind!

Stress is being arrested for indecent exposure and released for insufficient evidence!

Don't let bastages get you down, eh?


Riggstad said...

If my Demon C asked me that question I would have replied... "John who?" giving a sideways glance to wife.

Stay easy on the stress bro...

DrChako said...

Can't help you. I just got my California DEA certification (today, in fact). If my first Rx is for pot, I think that's an automatic fail.

As for tricky questions, I use the Bill Cosby approach. Situational deafness.