Monday, March 08, 2010

Health Care

No poker:

Working for a Canadian Company means they do not have a lot of experience dealing with Health Insurance. End of the month I am transitioning from individual policy to a small company group health policy with deductible and HSA. I have no idea what it means for my out of pocket costs and that is my biggest concern since provider is still Kaiser so am willing to assume quality of care is same.

I have still not fully decided how I feel about Health Care 'Reform'. I remain confident that having US Government run would be clusterfuck but would not want to read another story like Otis' 2nd child.

I decided it would still be a good idea to contact the White House and send them link to Otis blog, I also may have included a rant about Hospitals' biggest drive seemed to be run tests to rule out issues (from wife's seizure experience) which I was not sure was to pay for equipment or protect from lawsuits. Insurance companies big drive seemed to be to raise premiums and deny claims and pharmaceutical companies biggest drive was to medicate moods or sell me Cialis or Viagra.

Of course White House wants to make sure a bot does not flood them so a captcha came up on send:


SirFWALGMan said...

That site knows you too well...

DrChako said...

That is beyond brilliant.


Otis said...

Funny enough, my HSA coverage begins on Monday. Thanks for continuing to think and talk about the issue.