Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marching On

No Poker Content:

I saw on Facebook a friend had commented on some pictures of a Naval vessel that were posted.
It got me curious about the ship I spent a month on during my ROTC summer cruise.

A quick google search led me to the 'plankowners' site of the USS Thorn. My summer cruise occurred 20 months after commissioning so I served with some of the plankowners.

I looked through the site than ran into one page that saddened me:

How am I old enough to have served on a ship that was new when I boarded but has been decommisioned and used for target practice????

Grats Canada on Hockey Gold, don;t know how US lost the momentum from end of regulation. It does strike me as strange that overtime is 4 on 4 when US played the rest of tournament 5 on 5. But going to shootout would have been worse.


Shrike said...

Amen to that. My worst fear was a scoreless overtime.


Riggstad said...

ahhh... the old "fuck you canada" hidden inside the "end of an error" post :)

BamBam said...


Gold CANADA Gold!


Bayne_S said...

It was not meant to be a fuck you Canada post. I grew up in South. Haven't watched enough Hockey to know that overtime was 4 on 4. When I lived in Maryland there were Capitals vs. Penguins games that seemed to go all night.

Baseball and NBA are only games where overtime really makes sense, you play by the same rules as the rest of the game. Hit 0 on clock or 3rd out game is over.