Monday, February 15, 2010

'Good Luck Waffles'

Waffles lit me up in chat yesterday. I had been telling him for months in IM that now that he is divorcing it was time to pursue his dream girl. Of course the tard felt he had to level up his character in some RPG first so I had to put up with his crying in IM about her changing her facebook status from 'single' to 'in a relationship'. I suggested he move on to another blogger who apparently desires some relationship drama so she has more to talk about with her girlfriends.

It was at this moment that it hit me that just like Dane Cook in 'Good Luck Chuck' waffles may be the key to women finding happiness.

The best part for you ladies out there is you don't actually have to sleep with waffles for it to work. We concluding all it really takes is waffles believing he has a chance with you.

So as a service to my single female readers, for a token $5 transfer on Full Tilt I will convince waffles he has a chance with you. Between his delusional self and my ability to goad waffles into a bad prop bet I have to believe I can succeed in getting waffles to believe he has a chance.

It may actually take him months (who am I kidding years) to work up the nerve to talk to you so you may never even have to reject him.

If you have a troll fetish and actually want to be set up with waffles I can arrange this for $250. The extra cost is for your own good and money will be donated to a worthy charity as it would feel like profiting from conflict diamonds to keep.

On a side note all the Fidus employees in Ottawa have the day off for Family Day, all the Canadians in Fidus US office have President's Day holiday. I am stuck working because Cisco does not have Presidents Day off so I am missing FTOPS O8 (scene of my glorious FTOPS final table).

Such a bad beat!


Fuel55 said...


Drizztdj said...

This has potential. I think pictures of the potential suitors (suitress?) should be posted as well.

/grabs popcorn

Sean D said...

/Turns on the tivo and sits on couch


This has a lot of possibilities...

But Good Luck Wawfuls...

How about "The UnBachelor"

or "Who wants to be stuck with a RPG Douchbag?"

We love you wawfuls, just not that much.