Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I run so bad

Monday I thought it would be funny to suggest to waffles that he could have wine and dinner with a friend from high school but catch was dinner was after running a half-marathon.


IM 20 minutes ago

me: so?
K: tell me about waffles

She learns of my blog yesterday when I told her about the can't arouse captcha and the link she clicks on leads her to waffles because google reader picked up this post.

me: I have been sweating ever since he posted:
OMG what have I done
K: yes, that's the post i almost commented on! i'm like, whoa! he's talking about ME!
me: shit

Worse part is I was thinking I would have to train so I could run in a half-marathon just on the slim chance that waffles stuck to a training plan.

Me getting in half marathon shape seemed trivial compared to
logistics of can we take kid out of school to go to Disney World in October as kid is less likely to understand me going to Disney World without her than wife would accept me traveling cross country to run with chica from high school.

Was going to head to Las Vegas this weekend with boss and other canadian co-worker, The boss' wife saw 'The Hangover' or has some other issue with him going to Vegas so he has bailed on me, sucky part is I am now within 72 hour cancellation window so I would have to pay for a room I don't use or get free room if I still go.

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