Monday, March 15, 2010

Back from Vegas

Things that tilted me this trip (in chronological order):

1) 1st time rolling the dice I established a point of 9 4 times. Since I made point on 3rd roll after establishing point 1st 2 times I decided to hop 5-4 3rd roll of that point. I rolled a 6-3. The next roll establishing point again was 5-4.

2) Georgia Tech played the ugliest 2nd half of basketball against Maryland a team has ever played in a victory.

3) It seemed like every person who got near broke at a blackjack table managed to walk to craps table I was at to buy in for less than 3 pass line bets. They of course would only bet "The Field" They also managed to time it to slow down a shooter that seemed to be just about to go a a roll.

4) 2 of the offending field bettors bought in using 5+ $1 bills.

5) Had one bad beat at poker for huge pot.

6) I was asked to leave Casino Royale when a field bettor managed to walk up to the table and knock the dice down as he placed his "money plays" $5 field bet. Laws of probability do not apply to this situation as dice come up 7 >90% of time. My rant was wafflesque resulting in request to leave.

7) I knew things would go badly after this happened Friday morning:

Bayne: I have to leave
Bayne: time for Vegas depart
sirfwalgman: nice
sirfwalgman: gl with the craps
sirfwalgman: I will be ROOTING for YOU
sirfwalgman: Cheering YOU on
sirfwalgman: to KILL CRAPS
Bayne: bastard
sirfwalgman is typing...
sirfwalgman: BLAHAHAHA


lightning36 said...

"2 of the offending field bettors bought in using 5+ $1 bills."

waffles cooler BEFORE going on the trip?


gus away from the metroplaza said...

#6 is awesome. You are my hero.

SirFWALGMan said...


on_thg said...

>90% of the time?

In my (limited) experience it's 100% of the time.

Rant more than justified in my book, guy is lucky you didn't coldcock him.

Thorn said...

Wow. I didn't know the waffles cooler power was so strong lol.

KenP said...

Don't be hard on Waffles, Bayne. He had to do it. He was again broke on all sites and needed the 30 pieces of silver.