Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Work Day

Was going to update schematic, UNIX machine that hosts my files and tool crashed, put in request to IT.

2nd tried to create a part in vast system, read process document.

Got to step 2 and discovered I don't have EMCO account put in request.

3rd went to update Visio document. Discovered I don't have Visio.

Tried to install Visio and discovered as of 2 weeks ago manager has to approve SW installs for contractors. There is process and it involves having Oracle account

4th established Oracle account now must wait up to 24 hours for password to sync.

5th Got notified EMCO account has been granted access but I will have to sync up password.

How long until hoops tips off?

Demon Child last night concluded "Russell is greatest Survivor player ever. I still hate him"

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lightning36 said...

I disagree. Russell, as demonstrated by last season's Survivor, missed the whole point -- putting yourself in a position to win at the final tribal council. No point in getting there if everyone despises you so much that they won't vote for you even if they know you are a superior player.