Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010

Around 1985 the state of Virginia decided it was still okay to charge more for auto insurance based on age but gender could not be a factor in setting rates.

I did not see any savings in what I paid to insure my car but remember hearing from Becky that her auto insurance rates got jacked up.

Seems pretty standard to me that if insurance companies cannot use actuarial statistics to determine insurance charges they will charge higher rates to account for not being able to adjust for payout expectations.

A quick poll of the household would indicate 2 Obama votes in 2010. Neither of them pay taxes into the system so wtf do they care how much something costs.

I suspect I am screwed on this financially because it will either cost money long term in higher taxes or I will be dealing with higher out of pocket costs for health care as my company moves to a cheaper insurance plan. Being sole american I doubt CEO passes on the savings to employees.

I tried to read the bill but it is a lot like reading a document in Microsoft Word in 'Review Mode' if they had a choice of 'show only markup'. Without the underlying government law being modified it is just complete garbage to read!

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