Friday, October 28, 2011

World Series Thoughts

1.) If I am the Cardinals fan that already collected $125k on them winning NL and has $250 ticket on them winning the World Series I am betting $50k on the Rangers with the Money line and $75k on the Rangers getting 1 1/2 runs and hoping for a 1 run Cards victory.

2) That was quite a stomach punch game for Rangers last night, my expectation is Cardinals will carry the momentum into game tonight and pull off win especially in light of Hamilton being injured and Cruz limping in 11th.

3) Kudos to respect Cards fans showed to Pujols batting in what could have been his last at bat ever as a Cardinal (3 times) I could not help but think as they booed the intentional walk in his last at bat could there be a more fitting way for him to finish as a Cardinal?


Josie said...

puhols - soon be wearing sox - red sox! (i hope)

Jestocost said...

Our neighbors know the guy who placed those bet. He originally wanted to bet $500 on the 999-1 shot, but they wouldn't take that large a bet at those odds.