Thursday, November 10, 2011

My picks

There is degen sports bettor at work who has been asking me all season about what to pick.
I told him early this year to bet the over every Georgia Tech game until it loses so he has been asking my opinion regularly and asked me why I don't bet since obviously I have no objections to gambling.

Rather than face wife' wrath for anything out of hand I decided I could play a 5 team parlay for $10 bucks each week.

1st week I was 3 of 5, 2nd I went for 6th but was 4 of 6 (half the picks were top 5 College teams each week and got burned). 3rd week Stanford, Falcons. 49ers, GB/SD over were easy winners and Bengals came through a sweat to complete the win.

Monday morning brought me high fives as little did I know dude at work always bets $50 so had backed up my $10 with his own $40.

For competition with Waffles picks are

Chargers 8
Eagles 16
Ravens 15
Packers 14
Dallas 13
Texans 12
Cowboys 11
Jacksonville 10
KC 9
Steelers 7
49ers 6
Browns 5
Dolphins 4
Carolina 3
Saints 2


SirFWALGMan said...

You had Dallas 13 and Cowboys 11 ?!??!

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SirFWALGMan said...

Get your picks in fatty!

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