Saturday, October 08, 2011

Gone Fishin

Best bit from TNT's around the NBA during the playoffs is Kenny Smith's 'Gone Fishin' pictures.

As a Red Sox fan I love when I watch A-Rod standing at the plate after a strikeout to end Yankee's season as the other team mobs the pitcher even if it has become a bit of a cliche. I am sure MiamiDon (now private and I am not invited WTF) and Steve are much happier than Hoy about the NLCS matchup but I did feel for Ryan Howard for the brutal way his season ended (maybe top 5 worst season end in baseball history).

I have also been waiting all weekend to see the Josie v. Waffles picks, certainly seems like Waffles has the better handle on the game weighting and suspect the wager is Josie will have to pick up waffle's laundry and return it all clean, pressed and neatly hing and folded.

Years ago a co-worker (Andrew) and I made a bet about project progress with our project manager about a milestone. I forgot what our punishment was if we lost but she made mistake of telling us what was at stake for us before we had figured out our side. We did not know what to ask for in stakes but Andrew's wife determined that if we won Bo had to dress up in 50s garb and serve us tea/coffee and get our lunch one day at work.

Hopefully waffles came up with something more evil and made sure there is no gag order.


Josie said...

Gone fishin baby!

I know waffles was very sick mid week - I wonder if that's why the picks are mia. I'm going to wait till tomorrow morning to post mine - looks like Waffles forfeits!

Josie said...

Miami don hasn't invited me either! Hmfph!

lightning36 said...

Fade Josie!

Anonymous said...

Nothing personal to anybody. I got one of those professional clinical jobs and I had to lock it down.

Nobody has been invited as of yet. I'll work on that this week.

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