Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Observations

Waffles would win a bet with Josie (don't know if it is just drinks or more is involved) if Giants win tonight. I would have previously thought that I should bet everything I have on Cowboys tonight, but I am still trying to wrap my head around how did we not have the Vikings win last night setting up the tie scenario which was biggest loss scenario in waffle's world.

Grats to LJ for another big score.

On poker front I played enough PLO cash two tabling to collect $25 bonus the last 10 days but did not play much more than required.

My newly diagnosed diabetes has shifted my focus away from poker.

Fortunately the apartment has a decent gym for me to do back, chest and arms exercise as I am trying to lift each day to get my muscles to remove more glucose from my bloodstream. Each weekend I have been going to my local 24 Hour Fitness to work my legs. I overdid it a bit as going upstairs is painful and traveling downstairs is brutal.

Family had a nice dinner at the Chakos last night. It was enjoyable watching game with a Favre fan and a Packer fan and also good test to see if I could adhere to my new carbohydrate restrictions.

I am not sure how well Las Vegas will work if I can't consume Sam Adams (18g/12 oz), Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra just don't appeal to me. At least bourbon has no carbs so I may be able to adjust but in all likelihood if I seem passed out at WPBT someone should get me an apple juice or an orange juice.


lightning36 said...

Best wishes in keeping the diabetes under control.

If it will help, just buy all the Sam Adams for me and you can enjoy watching me drink it.

Wolfshead said...

Good luck with the diabetes. Type II I assume. Watch the alcohol consumption because while beer is no good because of the carbs liquor can be touchy because it can lower your suger. Keep some candy or glucose pills nearby when indulging.

SirFWALGMan said...

Sorry to hear about the Diabetes. It is good though that your getting exercise to control it. Good luck with it all.

Shrike said...

I hope you are able to handle the diabetes without too many problems. Best of luck with it.


Josie said...

Fuck the diabetes...whaddaya mean you're not sure if the bet is more involved that drinks. It is 2 drinks, but now it's double or nothing for this week. And it's ONLY drinks. If he gets anything else, it's not because of a bet.