Monday, July 12, 2010

Ethics in investing

Having read BP was hopeful that cap being placed earlier today would be able to contain oil and it being options expiration week I decided to make a small "investment" that they would be successful and stock would pop this week.

Strike price being $38 and cost being 68 cents it seemed like they will jump to $40 if cap is success and at 33% break even prop.

Real question is when will Congress pass UISEC if this shit is legal and online poker is not?

My bankroll management rules are much stricter than my poker so this is a sub 1% play but will make news more interesting this week.

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DrChako said...

I've been contemplating the same thing. I tried researching what happened to Exxon stock after Valdez, but I got lazy and didn't show any usable correlation.

I honestly think it's a buy-and-hold. They are in negotiations with a company in the Middle East. I see this as a direct result of the "$20 Billion shakedown." One of two things will happen - either there will be a big merger with a Middle Eastern company (cash infusion) or the US will move to back off pressure to prevent such a merger (stock up-tick).

I see BP stock in the 50-60 range this time next year.


PS. Never take investment advice from doctors.