Monday, August 30, 2010


I started Monday pretty excited.

Got to watch the news and hear that Paris Hilton got busted for possession of cocaine because while dude driving was stopped she reached into purse and accidentally spilled vial of cocaine into plain sight of officer. All because she needed lip balm. Question I have is: "If it wasn't your purse Paris then why the fuck were you reaching for lip balm?"

I got to go to my 1st Business Unit meeting as an employee, it is sort of nice to see why they are pushing so many projects through engineering at once from a how they feel it fits in network vision.

Wife was kind enough to call frantically right at the tail end of the meeting, I intentionally did not cancel health insurance policy yet as I wanted to make sure I had the Anthem/Blue Cross proof of coverage before I backdated cancelled Kaiser and moved on the the employer coverage provided by Cisco. One lesson learned from working for a Canadian company is they don't know shit about US Health Insurance differences, and apparently think bills can be paid with apologies when they forget to pay vacation or reimburse for individual health insurance.

My 1st fantasy football draft is about to start, I woke up this morning in a 10 team league and now I have the 12th pick.

Hoy claims to run bad but he'd be hard pressed to top that!


Schaubs said...

Rodgers AND Peyton?

wtf you QB whore.

I actually like the looks of your team.

Bayne_S said...

6 point passing TDs I wanted to make sure I won QB matchup each week