Monday, August 09, 2010

"Jimmy you are such an asshole"

I had a 10:00 wake up call but woke up at 6:30 this morning. Dude sharing room next door with Jimmy was not pleased that he could not get into room because Jimmy had thrown the brass lock.
10 minutes of escalating frustration door banging and profanity. I looked through peephole first and saw he had 2 girls in official Vegas uniform (little black dress) and at that point was not sure if Jimmy was passed out or seen the friend whose personality could not have been good enough to compensate. I am getting old and decided rather than confront to just call the front desk to get someone sent up to help these clowns.

Sunday night I played 'Rapid Craps' at Bill's Gambling Saloon.
14 chairs playing online craps except the dice and roll are traditional.
Casino advantage is that only took one guy to run a craps table has he has stick to pass dice and enters roll into his screen and he takes chips to enter starting amount and pays you out in chips at end. New craps players can figure out betting on their own time.
Player advantage is no clowns get their hands in to interfere with dice and it was $3 table where $3.60 place on 6/8 paid $4.20 but flow was neither rapid nor generated excitement.

Overall trip was awesome as Paul was rolling 4s and 9s at a way more than expected pace and I managed to cash big time as he went on a 6 4s in 7 rolls tear at Hard Rock when I also managed to start with $25 on 4.

Never did see or hear Jimmy he might not be the asshole.

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