Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax Day

Taxes are competed, so I will have a leisurely tax day.

I don't procrastinate but I get the taxes figured out enough in February to know ball park of refund or pay. The 2009 taxes seemed real strange when I owed a grand+ to Feds but was getting a grand+ back from state. Other than years cashing stock options the state has always been within $100 but with my work sabbatical and different tax treatments of unemployment compensation I thought it was correct.

When I pressed the TurboTax Review button it decided this can't be right and led me to a form where I had somehow entered number as capital gains that belonged in income tax with-held box.

Big props to Turbo Tax for finding me a few thousand mistake.

The actual e-file process did not go smoothly as there is just no possibility to convince them that K2H 8K7 is a valid employer zip code on W-2 for CA or that ON, ONT, OT is a valid state abbreviation.

I got in some cheap rush PLO to celebrate and some cheap super turbos. 45 man $3 superturbos crack me up how can someone call a jam for 600 chips at 15/30 with 89 off?


lightning36 said...

I filed my taxes the first week in Feb this year instead of April 14. Very strange feeling.

Bayne_S said...

I shared this story wit boss and CEO at dinner tonight. The W-2 was supposed to show the US address.