Monday, August 29, 2011

Finish Line Reached

With 2 days to spare we have removed last items from apartment and turned in keys. Saturday when I was over grabbing a few boxes (and making use of dumpster) there were 6 moving trucks in parking lot of ~200 unit complex. I think many of my former neighbors also believe "The Rent is too damn high"

It was a nice apartment and I would miss some of my neighbors but at this point there are only 3 neighbors left that we used to socialize with.

Unpacking is an adventure as this time we are going to open every box and make a decision to keep, donate, trash or shred then trash. I am also hanging pictures and a clock on wall as mindset is that we will be here a while (assuming I can remain employed)

Worst finds so far have been either a box that we moved from Petaluma 5 tears ago that only held documents that needed to be shredded, the ancient TIVO that does not understand digital TV or the HOV lane stickers for the Civic.

To be fair since the wife's main driving during HOV times was to deliver the demon child to school she was already car pool lane qualified without stickers or else I would have certainly looked a little harder for them. Now I think I want to find a massive SUV or Hummer to put them on since I don't see how it can be illegal to apply a sticker for a defunct program.

Worst non-finds are the power cable to XBox and phone.

If we get through remaining boxes and don't find phone this may be final tipping point to cancel land line to house. It is probably goner in 6 months anyway after we have made sure all the bills have change of address.

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