Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cousin Hugh

My Uncle Bobby got married for the 2nd time this past weekend. He is only 9 years older than me as my Mom was oldest of 4 children with Bobby being the youngest and probably a surprise late addition.

Bobby's 1st marriage lasted ~25 years but I didn't meet 1st wife until couple of years before divorce because he never told anyone in family that he was married (nor did we know his address)

Dysfunctional is a word I understand too well.

Bobby did have a son from 1st marriage who my sister and Mom met for the 1st time this weekend.

My Mom sent me a picture attached to an email:

"There are two pictures in the batch that are your cousin, Hugh. He is 29 years old. Jackie is the bride's name. I thought I had Jessica and Angela and Cyndi in one picture, but it came up blank.


Make me wonder a little about my Mom's computer savvy, but Hugh did wear a nice pair of boots to his dad's wedding.

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