Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1 wrap up

My conclusions from the weekend:

1.) Georgia Tech has to get better on defense if they want winning record this year.
2.) Being able to complete a few passes would also be helpful.
3.) James Madison just did a number on Boise State making BCS Championship.
4.) NY Jets and Dallas Cowboys can cancel previously announced Super Bowl parades.
5.) AFC West and NFC West are still worst 2 divisions.
6.) Red Zone Channel still a godsend when local stations have shitty games.
7.) Week 1 had a lot of shitty games.

Most importantly Calvin Johnson caught that ball, Detroit was robbed.

I am in 4 fantasy football leagues and have Calvin in the 2 priciest ones.
Hoy made a good point, I ended up watching a shitty Redskins-Cowboys game, a less adept Jets Ravens battle and Chiefs-Chargers which main redeemable feature was watching KC rookie kick returners all as I sweated out fantasy results.

4-0 finish is nice but now I have to look for replacement QBs for one squad.


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