Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bet Status unknown

In light of waffle's gloating:

sirfwalgman: i had suits and shit
sirfwalgman: i fucking rejammed him too
sirfwalgman: fucking idiots
sirfwalgman: OMFG
sirfwalgman: AAQ8
sirfwalgman: DS
sirfwalgman: vs 45T8
sirfwalgman: and fucking ahole calls 51$ pre
sirfwalgman: and fucking flops 558
sirfwalgman: and now I am almost broke
sirfwalgman: wtf
i mean are you fucking kidding me?
sirfwalgman: 30 bucks behind
sirfwalgman: and he fucking does that shit and Full tilt pays him off
sirfwalgman: fucking riddiculous
Bayne: $51
Bayne: are you playing cash?
sirfwalgman: ya
sirfwalgman: 51$ pre
sirfwalgman: and fucking 30 behind
Bayne: I am thinking you have lost ground
sirfwalgman: and he is calling with that shit?
i realllllyyyyy hate these people
sirfwalgman: KKK
sirfwalgman: and I lose
sirfwalgman: to a J89 rivered gutter straight
sirfwalgman: J8T6
sirfwalgman: 79K board
sirfwalgman: I have KKA6
sirfwalgman: 2 outer J river
Bayne: J8T6 v KK on K97 flop is a flip
Bayne: if he has flush draw he is fav
sirfwalgman: not 8T6
sirfwalgman: and no flush
just an OESD
Bayne: " J8T6
sirfwalgman: 79K board
sirfwalgman: I have KKA6"
sirfwalgman: FU
Bayne: it is what you typed
sirfwalgman: FU

I think he starts his quest fresh when he get's ad money later this week.


Drizztdj said...

I try to get him to change from playing Rush PLO...

lightning36 said...

Can any of us get a piece of this action?

Josie said...

Poor Waffles. :(

Josie said...

And I do mean POOR. :P

Anonymous said...

Waffles playing Rush PLO?

Take away his shoelaces, belt, and any foreign objects that he might even intentionally choke on.

This is gonna keep gettin' ugly.

Josie said...

Bayne, You Rick Rolled me!!! LOL Fix that link!!!