Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goal 52 Pace

This post started out to have a completely different theme. As of yesterday Morning I had lost 7 pounds this year but more significantly (to me) 40 pounds off my peak weight.

This is the 6th time I have lost 40 pounds while on a health kick but the 1st 3 times my starting weight was less than current weight. Being engineer I am trying to determine if I am really on pace to lose another 45 pounds by year end. When I started this quest in September my calorie burn on a day I walked was ~3700.

This week a walk home day looked like this:

Where Monday which only involves 1 mile walks to trolley stops looked like:

I was going to have to figure out a decaying calorie burn function and figure out if I was really on pace to lose 52 pounds because although I am ahead of 1 pound/week I can only assume my burn rate is also going to slowly drop another 300 calories/day at end.

Instead I will just complain about asshole who made me accelerate quickly and leap as he was not paying attention to pedestrians and missed by just a little bit but my calf has been in a knot since.

Yesterday I figured out I could walk but my gait was similar to chica in 4 inch heels that broke left heel, today I am down to 2 inch heels gait so I have hopes that some form of walking returns next week.

Edit: One of my co-workers visited to check on my injury. Bottom of calf is starting to turn purple. Since co-worker did Iron Man triathlon in 2003 with a broken clavicle I feel like a complete wimp.


DrChako said...

Impressed. Now I just have to get the image of you in heels out of my head.

Verification word: facifyin


Bayne_S said...

I am sure I ate more than 1300 calories on Monday but bad at recording

Josie said...

Hope your leg gets better soon Bayne.

btw I prefer u in heels to barefoot.