Thursday, June 09, 2011

Vegas Bound

Youngest cousin (I have met) is getting married this summer. Bachelor Party is this weekend with base being Mandalay Bay.

I may play PLO Monday and if not Tuesday.

I am also comped into a Blackjack tournament so will have to play that. It is 1st so obviously it is play Blackjack but rest of strategy will be new. What I learned at my only craps tournament was my being 2nd shooter and rolling well did nothing for me as other people made more money than I. But what I learned playing craps with Recess was to use position to make sure I was collecting slightly more when table was good.

One thing for sure is I need a break from work. Was so psyched that boss started 3 week vacation Monday but fucker keeps emailing questions. I will not be checking email when I vacation.

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jamyhawk said...

Good Luck! I'll probably see you around.