Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Would you Do?

After reading waffle's post on the subject as well as Rigg's I decided to post my own WWYD.

As a disclaimer I must point out that unlike these people I am not old enough to be eligible.

Company you work for has announced they are going to reduce $1 billion in expenses, you work in a group with a significant number of contractors that is still in key segment of companies business.

Those who are 50+ and with years at company added reach 60 are eligible to opt for early retirement which means getting X years pay plus Y years medical plus other incentives. (I don't feel it is right to post exact details put did find details here.)

You also get information that in the event you are laid off you will receive X/3 years pay and Y/4 years medical.

Math would indicate from numbers that intent is to reduce work force 5-10%.

1) Do you immediately look for another job?
2) Do you automatically take the retire offer even in absence of finding new job?
3) What odds would you need that you can find a new job within time period X to have sufficient pot odds?


SirFWALGMan said...

if you dislike your job or want to try something else then i would quit immediately else keep working if you enjoy it.

Josie said...

If I was close to 60 years old, and could pay my bills without too much scrimping, I'd opt for early retirement, knowing that although it is discrimination, few employers hire those in the twilight of their career.

If I were not older than 55 yrs old I would IMMEDIATELY start looking for another job, but I'd be very selective, knowing that I had x yrs of full pay and y years of health insurance.

Oh and I'd head out to Vegas. :)

Josie said...

I'm waiting for the latest pic of your feet....time to hit the scales!

Josie said...

omfg, I am one of the old people you linked to?????? Rick rolled again by the guy with the ugly feet!

Bayne_S said...

Someone is getting a little more alert