Thursday, February 02, 2012


Apologies to Madam Josie. This weekend I loaded Black Chip Poker and used bonus code for 1st deposit.

Yesterday was my 1st day as a "single Dad" since wife is out of town.

I did feel the need to take the day off work as I had to take wife to airport, kid to school, find Western Union Office to send 1st deposit, get some groceries and pick kid up.

Did end up doing some work as it is trivial to VPN to company and work easily. If company would let me play poker online I could have probably created a address and bank account in Hong Kong and VPN to Pokerstars. I miss my old jobs :)

The Western Union location I chose is across the border in San Jose. On my way to the Payday loan/check cashing establishment I did pass Baby Land Furniture which is right next door to the Pink Poodle. If this is a plan to give Dad's a place to relax while the expectant Mom's shop for furniture it is brilliant, what I wonder about is how much furniture do they sell with the big signs advertising "All Dude Dancers" in sight. I did bring it up with colleagues at lunch today and learned in nearby Fremont there is a church and strip club that share a parking lot. They apparently feel that their crowded hours are mutually exclusive and land costs are high enough that providing adequate parking is challenge.

I have played a little on BCP to get a feel for the User Interface. I like the 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and Pot selections available in PLO. Play is bad enough that it may prove profitable.

Will wait a while to see how smoothly withdrawals go.

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