Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Musings

I use 2 gallons of gas/week driving my commute 5 days. The price of gas crossing $4/gallon convinced me to take the bus 3 times since my fill up lat week. Despite m company supplied bus pass I doubt I am saving money since I have to wake up earlier and find myself getting a $2.70 latte to wake me up upon arrival.

Since I will soon be AARP eligible like lightbulb, I had to figure out if I want to make 'catch-up' contributions to 401k. I decided to make them but do it by increasing my bonus contributions rather than regular payroll. It is a solid idea until you get awarded a bonus and are looking at:
6.2% FICA
75% 401k
10% ESPP
~1.5% California Withholding
~6% IRS withholding
~ .5% CASDI
< 1% Net cash

Watching the Voice tryout shows is a guilt pleasure. The Judges fighting to get 'their team' cracks me up.

If Tiger Woods really wanted to quit golf to be a SEAL mad props but doubt he could make it through training post age 30.

Bobby V should STFU until he gets a ring, it would be okay (but not his style) for Francona to tweak Yankees.

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